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Solstice d’un coeur brisé / A Broken-Hearted Solstice
Fanny Lefort 13m 12A
A professional mascot named Fauve gets dumped on the summer solstice, aka the longest day of the year. The icy storm she’s plunged into doesn’t quite fit with the current heatwave.
Romantic Comedy Canada

Maximiliem Rolland 18m 12
Loïc is alone in the anechoic room. What had he done to find himself in there? Since when? He only came to the audiology clinic for a little hiss in his ear... Fantasy Canada

Simon Gionet 13m 12
During her night shift at the remote gas station, a female clerk agrees to help a man whose car broke down. While they both attempt to repair the vehicle, the driver’s intentions leave the young woman uncertain. In the middle of the deserted parking lot, an air of apprehension fills the night as the events of the evening unfold. Feminist Drama Canada

Alex Anna 10m 15
Alex Anna’s body is a canvas : her scars come to life to tell a new story of self-harming. Live action and animation intertwine in this short and poetic documentary, both intimate and universal. Social Documentary Canada

Le vidéoclip / The Music Video
Camille Poirier 14m 12A
In order to be in her older brother’s music video, Clara, a 13-year-old tomboy, agrees to undergo a radical change of style. She soon notices that this transformation changes her brother’s friend’s behaviour towards her. Drama Canada

Madness of Madeline
Rahat.Rahman 6m 12
A seventy year-old woman explores memories of her life, the reality of which blended with fiction after she ate the pages of an entire novel in her childhood. Fantasy Canada

Ka tatishtipatakanit (Ethereal)
Isabelle Kanapé 3m 12
A man spreads rumours about a local elder. To be forgiven, he will be put to the test. Ka tatishtipatakanit (Ethereal) is a poetic lesson about respect. Experimental Canada

Dawn Westlake 8m 12
A 91-year-old father reflects with his daughter on the importance of touch in his life, while both endure self-isolation amid the COVID19 pandemic, 2001 miles apart.
Documentary USA

The Dreaming Biome
Jeremy Newman 8m U
This experimental film immerses viewers in a nature dream. Experimental USA

The Golden Rule
Stacey Stone 1h 10m 12A
The Golden Rule probes the devastating impact of corporate profit over the safety of citizens. As a result of regulatory capture, innocent people and children are facing deadly health issues. A professor, a mom and local citizens-turned-advocates fight for answers." Feature Length Documentary USA

James Joyce - Reluctant Groom 
Sé Merry Doyle   30 minutes
The film tells the story of the year Ireland's great writer James Joyce who lived in Kensington for one year and how he secretly got married there in 1931.      Documentary Ireland

The Battle Of Blythe Road’

17 minutes
A film about the time the great Irish poet W.B Yeats explored magic in a secret temple in  Blythe Road Hammersmith.  Documentary Ireland

Peter S.

Gary Woods.  36m 12
A Fable, about a man persuaded to sell his shadow. 
Drama.  Britain

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