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Spanish Films

6 - 10 pm

Rocket (Cohete)
La Massi Reels 5m U
Matías wants to build a rocket to fly to be with his mum who passed away a few months ago. Drama Spain

A complete woman (Una mujer completa)
Ceres Machado 11m 12A
Berta and Hugo are two strangers in a hotel room. Their lives have nothing in common... but they are closer than they think. Drama Spain

Embracing the stars (Abrazar las estrellas)
Mario Cervantes & Christopher Sánchez 8m U Javier is deaf-blind but he is willing to live the adventure and climb to the top to fulfill his dream: to embrace the stars.
Documentary Spain

When Lola is gone (Cuando no esté Lola)
Cristina R. Orosa & Beatriz Romero 14m 12A
José María is deafblind. He lives without a clock, a phone, social networks... His mum,Lola is 76 years old and she is his only contact with his environment. In Spain,there are no nursing homes for deafblind people. What would happen when Lola is gone? Documentary Spain

5 m 12A
It accepts Balerdi’s aesthetic proposal, but steps away from the colonial perspective of the films that inspired that work to depict the harshness of our own reality: harassment, violence and destruction.
Animation Spain

16m 12A
A collection of stories about people who had a fleeting vision of the future after an inexplicable cosmic event. Science Fiction Spain

8m 12A
- You really loved him, didn’t you?
- Yes. I stopped loving him recently. (Interferences. Silences. Fissures. Two women talking. A radio-graphy). Drama Spain

23 m 12
April 2013. Despite the American embargo, citi- zen Bob Wood returns to Cuba almost 60 years after he left. Documentary Spain

Paul Urkijo Alijo 10m 15
Dar-Dar is a mythical Basque demon that eats fingers. He says: ‘Dar, dar, dar, bring your finger for dinner. If you decline, I will return at night time and your soul will be mine’. Horror Spain

Carlos Gómez-Trigo 7m 15
Natural selection says that only those who adapt will survive. What if humans have become stupid?
Dark Comedy Spain

Jesús Martínez “Nota” 10m 15
"Hello everyone! For those who still don’t know me I’m Porappé, I’m nine and I’m the most famous Youtuber girl in my country. " Comedy Spain

La guacha
Pepe Puertas, David Cervera 20m 15
In July 1966, Benavides family left Argentina, after the strange incidents related with the mother?s dead. 15 years later somethings have changed. Others, haven’t. Thriller Spain

18 months deciphering Dulce's eyes
Pedro Roberto Jiménez Ramírez 20m 12
We have accompanied Dulce, a six-year-old girl, with her family for 18 months, on a long and difficult learning trip full of obstacles. Dulce is at a critical point. She's caught in a motor paralysis and she has no way to communicate, but there's a hope: she must learn to speak with her eyes if she wants to go out into the world to stop being a mere spectator." Documentary Spain

Gon Caride 10m 18
In the country of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity,
in this new Europe without borders, besieged by fear and intolerance, a Polish immigrant will have to face the reality of racism.
Thriller Spain

Aline Romero 6m 12
During a full moon night, a cat is walking on a roof when it listens to music coming from a house, it dares to enter the creepy home and ends it trapped. While trying to escape it discovers the secret that the gramophone hides. Comedy Spain

La Linea
Andres Camera 10m 12
A lady goes to the border to continue with her new task, to watch over it. Soon the first person appears. No one could imagine who she could be. We will find out how this task ends. Social Drama Spain

The man who never saw the rain (El hombre que nunca vio llover)
Miguel Muñoz 2m U
What if you've never seen it rain? Animation Spain

Leo & Alex in the middle of the 21st century (Leo y Alex en pleno siglo 21)
Eva Libertad & Nuria Muñoz 7m 12
Alex wakes up in his bed after a night of partying. Next to her is Leo, her roommate, who doesn't remember how she ended up there. As of this morning, nothing will be the same between the two. Drama Spain

I have a doll (Tengo una muñeca)
Mónica Negueruela 7m 12A
Agnes fell out with her daughter five years ago. In order to reconcile with her, she must attend her own husband’s self-help group. Drama Spain

Hate Crime (Delito de odio)
Pablo Vara 6m 15
Sara has been captured by two neo nazis who hate her for being a lesbian. So, obviously, she is about to lose her temper... Drama Spain

Ceres Machado 14m 15
Candela has an ideal life, is fortunate with her job and is madly in love with her partner. One day her life receives an unexpected blow and she will disappear, getting involved in a crude revenge. Is it possible to make up for lost time?
Drama Spain

Isaak Gracia 8m 12A
In the mexican surrealism everything can happen to a foreigner who travels to reenconter his fiancee. Drama Spain

Ceres Machado 11m 12A
Paco tries to convince Mari to shoot homemade porn videos to solve their economic problems. Drama Spain

I’m back baby
Alicia Verdés & Stephan Hofmann 10m 15
Lars is a 40 year-old barman, an eccentric "wannabe hipster” that arrives at Nuria's home for his first therapy session to treat his erectile dysfunction. Nuria, an experienced psychologist with a lot of belief and certainty in her method, explains to Lars that they will solve his problem by actively working together. That’s how the first phase of this unconventional therapy session starts that will take us to strange, unexpected levels. Drama Spain

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