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Mom, I Befriended Ghosts / Mama, ya podruzhilas s prizrakami 
Sasha Voronov  1 10  15
A small town in Siberia is trapped for many months of quarantine. People die from a mysterious disease, which comes from water. Survivors hide in their flats - but the running water is just as poisoned. Self-defense groups are moving along the empty streets and desperate loners are hunting for their fellows. A young girl is trying to save her dying mother. She sets out into the unknown to overcome her fear and trying to rebuild the relations with the outer world that has become manХs mortal enemy. Sasha VoronovХs film ТMom, I Befriended GhostsУ is an attempt to imagine the changed relations between people and nature when the first cease the reason of being humans and the second receives an opportunity to get rid of them.

Thanks / Spasibo
Vladimir Alexandrov 4m 12A
"When someone suggests you tea, you agree and ask for sugar. But when you finally receive sugar there is no tea left in your cup. Strange feelings, aren't they?" Experimental Russia

Nina Moiseeva 20m 15
An artist fakes suicide during a performance in order to learn what it’s like to be dead. Drama Good Russia

Svetlana Yashina 2m 12A
A woman takes a break from a party and hides in the bathroom only to find a frightening reflection in the mirror. Having overcome the first surge of fear, she finds an unexpected solution to the problem. Horror Russia

One-way Mirror / Zerkalo Gezella
Elina Kurbatova 24m 12A
Lida is an ageing theatre director. She sets a play about the tragic consequences of love affair of the respected family head. Young girl Yana comes to auditions. She is the perfect embodiment of a paramour - brazen, cheeky and defiantly sexy. During the auditions Lida's dislike suddenly turns into something strange and intricate. Where is the acting and where is the reality, who is the director now - everything is not clear. Drama Russia

Simon Lyashenko 8m 12A
The plot was based on the story of the child left by the police in an open apartment of Ilya Azarov, who was detained in September 2019. Drama Russia

Light Fluctuations / Svet kolebany
Egor Voronin 21m 12A
Lena has the happiest day today - she is getting married! But the mood in the limousine, in which the newlyweds rush to a banquet, is disturbed by an accident - a limo knocks a person down." Drama Good Russia Bad Bad

The Hero / Geroy
Sonya Raisman 6m 12A
An unremarkable episode from the life of a Russian aristocrat Drama Russia

Unreachable / Vne zony dostupa
Anna Kurbatova 1h 30m 12A
Vanya is sixteen. He spends every summer in the countryside with his childhood friends Masha and Kirill. But this summer promises to be completely unusual. The guys decide to give up mobile phones and find themselves in the real world, which promises many exciting adventures, experiences, and first true love. Drama Russia

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