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London & British Films

6 - 10 pm

Andrew McCafferty 28m U
Portobello regular Andy muses on Portobello and Kilburn after Lockdown ends.
Documentary London

Cristina Zenato And The Reef Shark Connection
Jason Perryman 7m 12 "short film examining cristina zenato’s close relationship diving with reef sharks, doing ‘relaxed state’ petting of them and removing their fishing hooks" Documentary London

24 Hours of Jim
A love letter to Jim Morrison inspired by tarot cards and played out in the woods. Jim Morrison is brought back to life (briefly), constructed from flesh coloured tights." Art London

Sama' (Dance)
Mazw M Sherabayani 15m U
Robar and her family are determined to establish a professional ballet dance group, despite the threats, lack of funds, and a place to practice.Can they overcome the fear and the narrow mindedness?" Dance London

My Beautiful Broken Heart
Paula Rue Gibson 3m 12
A letter from an LA thereapist … Experimental . London

Michael Horovitz Tribute.

Portobello Film Festival remembers good man, contributor and curator (of The Beat Goes On at the Tabernacle in 2009) much missed local Bard Michael Horovitz at 7pm.
60 minutes

The Harbour Master’s Tale
Diana Taylor. 3m U
A man fears he is drowning and will become part of the harboour floor.
Drama London

My Town Newlyn
Diana Taylor 3m U
A poetry film in paintings of old Newlyn before the tourist came.
Art London

The Piano
Lee Morgan 11m 12A
Wheeler dealer Toni won't quit in her attempt to convince buyers Simone and Rosie that a certain Beatle played the piano she's eager to shift. Drama London

Dominic Wade 5m U
A bleep into the world of Richard D James aka Aphex.
Music Documentary London

Gavin Elder 26m 15
This is a film made of the animatronic installation I exhibited in London last year. The artwork considers the unhealthy relationship that exists between the Establishment and the British People. Art London

"FULHAM CALLING : Art in the age of Now exhibition , Fulham Old Town Hall 2021"
Joe Kargbo 30m U "This Docu -FIlm  takes a look at the ART IN AGE OF NOW Exhibition held in the Old Fulham Town Hall -May 2021 . It features interviews with the Organisers and Artists and showcases their work , installations and musical performances" Art Documentary London

Selected Milk
Jose Lucas Ducid, Alfonso Camarero, Maria Meseguer 20m U The film is in the form of a manual for sellers of milk cartons in supermarkets.
Art London

Mathilde Magnée 5m 12
Lull is about an hushed escapade, a slow travel. The artist Mathilde Magnée combined her passion for horses and the great outdoors and set out on adventure.
Art Documentary London

Summer of Discontent
Dom Watters 6m U
English Romany Gypsy, John Doe, rides out of Stable Way Traveller site on a horse drawn trolley on his way to Parliament Square to protest the new Police Bill, the single biggest threat to the traditional way of life of Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers in their lifetime."
Documentary London

Odd Man Out
Peter Tate 11m 15 Drama London An unxpected rendevous, another human being to share thoughts with, to rediscover a sense of belonging then the wrong words are said and he is left alone again. To open oneself, to have hope again and then to face a darkness worse than before.

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