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Back in 5 minutes (spots paralelos)
Felipe Garrido Archanco 5m 12
Your life sucks? BACK IN 5 MINUTES is a short film structured as a false advertising block: 11 fictional spots that reflect on the advertising language through the advertising language itself. Drama Spain

Carlos G. Velasco 8m 15
David attends a family meeting. His brother, Miguel, needs someone to take care of his daughter Miriam for a few days. During the lunch, David remembers a terrible moment that happened years ago in a swimming pool. Drama Spain

On the quayside
Daniel Olmos Ochoa 15m 12A
It's an ordinary day by the statue of the Little Mermaid, the most crowded touristic spot of Copenhagen: selfies, souvenirs, choreographed dances... and Julia, veteran tourist guide, jaded of her expat life in Denmark. Once again, Julia gathers her tourists on the bus, but there is one missing in the headcount: an eight-year-old girl. Drama Dinamarca,España

Willy Suárez 17m 12
Ninth; the neighborhood gossip, witnesses an alleged kidnapping in the front window. She decides to save them, but with his reputation for making up stories, nobody believes her, except the water delivery man on his first day at work. Both will be involved in a false rescue that will bring them a strange adventure. Drama Spain

Road 106
Juan Carrascal, Arturo Artal 17m 15
A car runs off a road. The officers are ready to help but it?s more dangerous than a simple breakdown.The officer, JG, has to decide whether to lie to the Sergeant and help the driver, or, stick to the rules Drama Spain

Jaime Olías 14m 12A
Nacho appears on a TV programme to undergo hypnosis in order to demostrate that what he saw on the beach four years ago was real. Drama Spain

The Accursed
Bruno Ojeda Molina, Beatriz Hohenleiter Márquez 19m 12A
Nineteenth century. In the middle of the forest, Laura and Hipólita drag the corpse of their victim. In a stop on the road, the conflict arises between them when they realize that, moved by guilt, both want to get out of this in very different ways. Drama Spain

Àlex Tejedor, Miquel Verd 24m 12
Raixa, June 21rst 1939. Sergi, the heir of the mansion falls in love with Irina, the mansion overseer's niece, during the summer solstice party. Second World War previous circumstances force them to separate, but that night they arrange to meet next year, at the same place, at the same time. Will they keep their promise? Drama Spain

Néstor Ruiz Medina 29m 15
An aspiring actor suffers incalculable pain by becoming the laughing stock of his class due to the close relationship he has with his mother. He will learn that pain is a fundamental tool to become a better actor, but ... at what price? Drama Spain

Iker Esteibarlanda 13m 12A
In a small island of Lake Victoria, Kenya, fishermen believe that they are entitled to everything. Meanwhile, women and girls are forced to carry the weight of their silence. In a close journey through her childhood memories, a young woman decides to tell her story to lighten her burden and find hope... Documentary Spain

Anima Animae Animam
Julieta Gasroc, José (Putxa) Puchades Martínez 29m 12A It is a tribute to the persons who dedicated their lives to sharing their soul with beings who never had it.To the people who gave their voices to objects that had so much to say. To tell old forgotten stories. To the puppeteers, who due to their profession, were not allowed to be buried in cemeteries, as they were considered soulless.
Drama Spain

Miguel Angel Faura, Juanma Falcón 20m U
Coque, an 11-year-old boy, travels to the town where his grandparents live to spend the summer holidays. During those hot days, he will meet Vanessa, the baker's niece. This encounter will arouse feelings so far unknown to him, which he will have to manage without having the support or understanding of his environment. Drama Spain

Iván Sáinz-Pardo 9m 15
A love story in the times of programmed obsolescence. Drama Spain

The Nameless
Raúl Soriano Agreda 10m 15
The Noname dedicates his life to work in the Hampa world, together with drug trafficking. Thanks to his good management he needs to face the expansion together along with those mates that are not going to make it easy. From incompetent colleagues, to partners that are not willing to increase their share, he will have to take a decision on his own. Drama Spain

Especially Morons
Gonzalo G. Bauzá
10m 15
After being abandoned by his girlfriend and his lover on the same night, Borja visits every bar in Madrid on Álvaro's taxi. He wants to get over it by finishing a whiskey bottle that his (ex)girlfriend gave him. As time goes by, Borja and Álvaro will go from being strangers to close friends and will share their most intimate dreams and fears. Drama Spain

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