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6 - 10 pm

I Am Jack.
Loftus Burton 27m 15
Richard is a skilled surgeon living in society like everyone else. Things change when the voices in his head get louder. Will he control his thoughts or let his thoughts control him? Horror London

A Heavy Suitcase
JF Whitney 5m U
An elderly Irish immigrant muses on his 63 years in the English West Midlands (then a popular destination for the child of the diaspora) Will he stay or head back across the pond?
Drama London

Andrea Ciobanu 6m 15
In a dark and modern fairy tale, Lucy becomes a muse for Oliver who uses bizarre methods to create the perfect photograph. Experimental London

The Ashes For My Brother
Diana Taylor 3m U Need synopsis!
Drama Britain

YOU CAN’T COME IN a fantasy
Myrna Shoa 3m U
YOU CAN'T COME IN a fantasy. Always remember your Password. Myrna Shoa’s artwork, animation shows what happens, if you forget your password. You won’t be allowed in.
Animation London

ONCE UPON A TIME in Covid-19 time
Myrna Shoa 5m U
Inma Meruelo reads her illustrated book for children ONCE UPON A TIME in Covid -19 about lockdown, helping them understand this strange time without fear.
Animation London

Paradox - All Life Matters
Pete Mac: Jota Gambuzi 5m 12
The Video takes a sarcastic look at twisted view on social media in the form of an unknown yet familiar social media page and how today’s society is influenced by information received through this media. Music Video London

A young guy named Jerry is abruptly brought for questioning.
He finds himself in a white room, where he must confront his interrogator playing a chess game. Thriller London

Are we living a modern lie? In this extravagant satire, a mysterious carnival master walks us through the problems of our modern society. Comedy London

Three Black Ribbons
Noel Wilson 19m 12A
Simone, Florist, is going through a relationship breakdown when she suddenly starts to hear voices.. Is it the voice of madness or voice of intuition? Drama London

Baa Baa Black Sheep
Orlando Bryant 7m 12A
During 1946 Norway, a pregnant woman, gets trapped in her house by snow and is unable to get out. She has to deliver her baby by herself. Drama London

Green Lanes
Güni Koçak 15m U
Haringey, North London. Present day. When Yusuf brings his girlfriend Fiona home to finally meet his Turkish parents, the family has to deal and remember a tragedy.
Drama London

No Oxygen
Nikos Kourou 32m 12A
After a global disaster, a man wakes up among the ruins, in a dystopic environment. Finding his brother dead, he realise, he might be the only survivor on earth. Drama London

Time seems to stand still for a village hidden in the mountains up until a colourful couple in search of a second-hand TV set disturbs its silence.
Once in the home of Mr Levi, the only apparent habitant, the two lovers,
Luca and Carla, reveal their true intentions. But why is the town so very, very quiet?"
Horror Comedy London

How To Stop A Recurring Dream
ED MORRIS 1h 25m 12A
Exploring themes of separation and loss this dreamy trip takes place over a weekend in the lives of two sisters. An imminent family separation forces the oldest daughter to kidnap her sister in an attempt to reconnect before they part. Drama Britain

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