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6 - 10 pm

Bus 96
Louis Seguin 27m 12
Pyrénées-Ménilmontant : two friends get on the bus 96. Hugues talks about his films projects on the way.
Louis listens to him, but he's thinking about other things. The bus moves forward, and memories surge back. " Fictional Documentary France

Nathalie Giraud & Timothée Corteggiani 30m 12A
Pierre Dubois, a famous fantasy author, lives in Cartignies, a village in northern France with his wife, Aline. For a few days, the elderly couple open their door, intimacy, and let the fantastic seep in through their story. They talk about how the power of writing, imagination and a deep connection with life made them go through the loss of their teenage daughter, Melanie, who committed suicide after a heartbreak.
Documentary France

Sebastien Berlendis 14m 12A
Vercors presents itself as a documentary built like a daydream in three times, around a woman and different spaces and landscapes filmed in super 8, in the mountainous region of Vercors.
Documentary France

Ad Lib
Joseph Catte 11m 15
Ad Lib is a romantic drama in the world of karaoke. Thriller France

On the March
Vladilen Vierny 17m 12A
Moscow, winter of 2019. An eighth-grade student Krill Grishin accidentally turns a physical education class into a political action. It could have remain an insignificant incident if only his parents hadn’t found out. Drama France

Like the White
Alessandra Celesia 17m U
Each day Adriana paints volcanos. She explores their craters to uncover the mystery they hold within. Documentary France

40-Advantage, Serve: Pierrick
Quentin Papapietro 17m U
While their game of tennis first looked as uninteresting and boring as usual, Pierrick and Alexis, two thirty years old men whom you wouldn’t call athletes, suddenly find themselves incredibly gifted players.
As their final rally seems to last forever, they cannot leave the court, preventing other players from playing. Comedy France

For Elsa
Carmen Leroi 16m 12
Elsa lives alone in her flat in a tall Parisian building. Her young neighbour,
Alice, enjoys listening to her when Elsa plays piano home. Elsa suggests that
Alice could learn the piano at her place when she is not there. Alice gets the habit of using Elsa’s place several times a week.
Drama France

Summer Time
Andra Tévy 15m 12A
A summer Sunday on a café terrace near the Mediterranean coast.
Everyone can’t help but notice their seemingly peaceful neighbors at the other tables. Subjective and distorted perceptions, an impression that the grass is greener elsewhere... The ensuing comparisons and criticisms trigger a crisis at their own tables.
Comedy France

The Saverini Woman
Loic Gallard 20m 15
Bonifacio 1883, extreme south of Corsica.
The Saverini widow lives in an isolated house near the cliffs,
with her only son Antoine, and her dog.
One night her son is killed in a clash.
Her world falls to pieces… Drama France

Ce soir mon coeur bat (This Evening My Heart Beats)
Rémi Jennequin 51m 12A
This film sketches the rough path of an adolescence trying not to lose control. This is the portrait of Espoir, 18, who lives in Lomé, capital of Togo. Documentary France

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