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Gema Miguez Rodriguez 17m U
After infinite paths of dust, mists and hills; inhabit the heirs of David Thoreau's philosophy. Three generations who felt the call into the wild, walk in a rhythmic way in the same direction: the reconnection with nature. Documentary Spain

Beatriz Vilariño 17m U
Laura discovers an old box containing various memories of her childhood. This finding will open a door in her memory, leading to an unfamiliar territory which will take her to start a journey. A trip across the physical space but, especially, across the space of memory and spirit; making her whole world fall apart. Drama Spain

Elisabeth Larena 13m 12
Victoria lives in Madrid but she's moving to LA soon. John has been living there for a long time. While we follow them we get to see their struggles and faith the struggle of having faith that sometimes actors have to deal with. Drama Spain

The Factory
Isabel Coll. 12m 12
The drama of a family, with a 7-year-old daughter who have to go live in an abandoned factory. Problems with Social Services and with the girl's grandparents force them to make a decision. Drama Spain

Miki Durán 13m 12A
Annie is a woman who wakes up in the middle of an abandoned quarry without knowing how, or why, has she got there. As she incorporates herself, she begins to understand her complicated situation. Tied to a pole, by a metal chain, Annie can?t run away. As the hours go by, her hopes of escape fade. Drama Spain

Rosario Pardo 15m 12A
Alicia has incipient Alzheimer's and breaks into the life of her son and her daughter-in-law at the worst possible time. Drama Spain

Kutxi from Berriozar
Cristian Ruiz 28m 12
"Kutxi, from Berriozar" is a 15 voices portrait that explores the special bond between Kutxi Romero, his town and his closest circle of friends. Navigating shared experiences, they describe the artist?s personality: from his flamenco roots to his key role in the formation of the band Marea. Drama Spain

Mutha & The Death of Ham-ma Fuku
Daniel Suberviola 24m 12A
Mutha searches for antipersonnel mines in the Western Sahara Desert. Every day, she faces death. Every exploded landmine reminds her that she has saved a life, but also that a mine marked her destiny. She is not alone between the fire and the sand. At her side, a presence paralyzes her, but also forces her to keep searching.
Documentary Spain

Carmen Córdoba González 10m U
15 years have passed and Roberto is still in love with his neighbor, but she prefers to hide ashamed of her body. With his art and an old clothesline as the only ways of communication, Roberto has a plan to push his beloved for face her monsters at once.
Animation Spain

A Girl In a Fortress
Erik Morales 11m 12A
Radha is around 30 years old and lives in a palace with her husband and kids. At first sight, it could seem like a placid life, but the truth is that Radha feels like a prisoner, trapped in a tradition and in a role as a woman that she can't handle with happiness. Her only escape is through her memories of the days she shared with Krishna. Drama Spain/India

The girl who comes on Thursdays
Noemi Chantada Puime 18m 12
His world was already like an empty anthill, a dry swarm to which a cricket has come to sneak. Drama Spain

Cristian Martínez 19m 15
Alberto takes psychiatric sessions to help his wife Noelia with her pathology, Capgras syndrome, for which she suffers from a delusion in which she believes her daughter, Carla, has been replaced by an identical imposter. Alberto dives into unconventional therapies to try to help his wife.
Drama Spain

"Goodbye, Susana"
Rubén Pascual Tardío, Chando Luna 23m 12
Marcela, a Colombian girl has just arrived in Spain after the recent death of her daughter. He needs to overcome the drama lived and accept it psychologically. She thinks she's already done it, but she doesn't. Spain will bring bitter moments but beautiful surprises as well.
Drama Spain

Diego R. Aballe 14m 15
Adaptation of a text by the galician playwright Marcos Abalde, Cannibalism takes us to a cold night in Galicia, where two men drive around in their car until they find a beggar sleeping in an abandoned ATM. A thriller about human nature, the hatred of the unknown, moral judgments and immoral certainties. Drama Spain

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