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Lynch Court
Igor Parfenov 15m 15
The pre-premiere scandalous show and the subsequent discussion of the film with a group of radical nationalists led to the murder of its author journalist Sava Artsybashev right on the threshold of the cinema hall.
Drama Ukraine

Igor Parfenov 15m 12A
A few hours before the New Year of 2018, the suicide bounced out of the 8th floor, killing a 2-year-old child. But this was not the end of the drama. The priest refused, kneeling the mother to funeral her son.
Drama Ukraine

Igor Parfenov 4m 15
He's a criminal, a thief. He is being pursued by the police. At the dump In the snow, stumbling upon an ejected newborn baby, he has the choice to save the child or himself .
Drama Ukraine

Igor Parfenov 15m 15
When A.P. Chekhov wrote his story “Volodya” about the first love of a 17-year-old teenager, then he still had no idea that redone final would make many shudder ..
Drama Ukraine

Nervous Breakdown
Igor Parfenov 15m 15
This is a story about an impressionable and nervous young man. All his knowledge about ""women of loose morals"" comes down to the books he read. But one evening, friends encourage him to tour the «red light district».
Drama Ukraine

Igor Parfenov 20m 15
A thief, chased by the police, finds an abandoned newborn baby still alive in a snow-covered box. Meanwhile, the mother found her newborn baby was gone. The crowd has caught the baby's mother and is about to take the law into their own hands. Mother was accused of infanticide — but this drama wasn't all that simple.
Drama Ukraine

The Overcoat
Justin Juice Black 28m 12
“The Overcoat” is an adaptation of the classic 1842 story written by the acclaimed Ukrainian author Nikolai Gogol. This adaption was written by David Lemberg and Jeremy Stockwell. Drama . Britain

Anastasiia Bukovska 25m 12A
Mitya is a war veteran who is trying to return to normal. He accidentally meets the lost bullmastiff called Roy. Relationships are complicated at first, but in the end, it is Roy who helps Mitya cope with her difficult past. Drama Ukraine

Hlib Sushchev 4m 12A
War erases the face. We do not know even half the people: whom she took. Therefore our history is removed without faces. This is the story of a young family. And at some point she takes the guy. Who will be next will tell the final of our work. Drama Ukraine

Under the sun
Igor Parfenov 1h 35m 18
This epic film has three chapters ``The Lawlessness"", ""The Revolution"", ""The War"" and tells about the man’s destiny in Ukraine. Long time ago a legend was told about a wayfarer, who jumped into the well, while running away from the beast. When he was falling down, he caught the ledge, because below him another beast was growling:“- The abyss is above me. The abyss is below me. Where am I? How to live?”. Having woken up in a nightmare and climbed the mountain, the man buried a bag. He joined the revolution on the Maidan, went through the war in Ukraine and was in captivity.
Two years passed.
He is at home again.
He is standing on the mountain, thinking of the wisdom of Solomon: “Nothing in this world lasts forever… Everything will be over...” “Nothing is over,”- the man muttered, digging out the bag.
Social Drama Ukraine

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