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Spanish FILMS

6 - 10 pm

Javier Fesser Perez Petinto, Guillermo Fesser Perez Petinto 29m 12A
Aminodin's father always smiles because he says ""happy people live longer"". That's why, at eight years old, Aminodin puts his best smile while working at the Papandayan dump, where he lives with his family. Her cousin Aliman, on the other hand, lost his when bombs started falling from the sky in the city of Marawi.
Drama Spain

Ignacio Estaregui 17m 12A
Another night at the palace. A security guard facing boredom and an abyss ahead. There is nothing worse for an inveterate player than thinking he is on a roll. We stopped being humans without becoming machines and now we are mere AAA batteries. Apathy, Adrenaline, Abrasion.
Drama Spain

Pablo Arreba 4m 15
Nobody can protect you from yourself.
Drama Spain

No Filter
Manu Montejo 4m 12A
After shopping in the city center, two friends get meticulously ready to make a "story." It seems one more, one more day... However they are in the right place, at the right time ... Or so they believed Drama Spain

Luis Ortí 12m 12A
Bea and her baby have just moved into their new home when they unexpectedly receive a package. It is a gift from someone very close.
Drama Spain

Boarding Room
María Nieto Navarro 23m 12A
Carla goes through her memories to find out if she has made the best decision: follow her path or that of her love.
Drama Spain

Rubén Barbosa 18m 12A
What if the most popular influencer had her 4 million followers stolen?
Drama Spain

Joaquín Villalonga 9m 12
Espe thinks she is pregnant and she doesn?t know how to tell her partner that they will possibly be parents. He was fine about it, but Espe sees some drawbacks.
Drama Spain

There will be MONSTERS
Carlota Pereda 6m 15
Monsters exist. They live inside us. And sometimes, they win.
Drama Spain

The electric chair
Joan Martín Giménez 17m 15
Julio a man with a simple mind, finds a piece of newspaper telling the story of an American citizen surviving an electric chair execution twice. Julio is so deeply impressed that he wants to prove that he could survive the same execution.
Drama Spain

María Salgado Gispert 15m 12
Sofía works as a cleaner for a TEA in a school. She doesn’t want to go back to her home, her daughter doesn’t live with her anymore.Iván works as a skating teacher, teaching during extracurricular hours. Every Wednesday at 16:45, he crosses the school corridor skating. Sofía and Iván know each other but they’ve never spoken. She secretly observes his class. He knows.Sofía always leaves before Iván finishes his class. But today it started raining and the class had to be canceled. One average day transforms into an extraordinary time. Drama Spain

A Minor Inconvenience
Francisco Pérez Uscocovich 15m 12
A Minor Inconvenience is the story about Carlos, a kid that perceives the world of sound in his own way and he lives with his hearing disorder facing the world without losing his essence. Sound defines his reality and his behaviour towards society, and unlike sight, you cannot blink with your ears.
Drama Spain

Pedro del Río 20m 12A
A homeless woman finds a set of keys and tries to find out which house they belong to.
Drama Spain

Orquesta Los Bengalas (The Flares)
David Valero Simón 22m 12A
"Los Bengalas", an orchestra formed by four retired friends, have been playing at small villages festivals for over 30 years. But this year, something has changed. Drama Good Spain

Fele Martínez 11m 15
Ernesto leaves the house, in a hurry. His family is waiting for him. He calls the elevator and, inside, he will find an unexpected passenger that will make his life impossible during the short journey they will share.
Drama Spain

Violeta Barca-Fontana 19m 18
Marta, the only woman in a group of documentary filmmakers, struggles between letting herself be raped or being killed by the five men who have just kidnapped them in the middle of the African.
Drama Spain

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