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Spanish FILMS

6 - 10 pm

Antonio Ledesma Vila, Carmen Kaltchev Soto 19m 12A
Night falls in Madrid, Eva and María's eyes cross paths.
Drama Spain

Liteo Pedregal 12m 12A
Alberto throws in the towel and decides to stop caring for his father, an Alzheimer's sufferer. He is tired of struggling against his father's will and against his mother's opposition to hiring help.
Drama Spain

Jelena Dragas 16m 12A
Mar and Adrián are cozily ensconced in her bedroom spending an intimate evening together without the outside world disturbing them. After failing to engage him in a conversation about their relationship, she leaves the bedroom only to hear disquieting noises coming from her neighbors’ apartment. It won't be an ordinary night for neither of them.
Drama Spain

Suddenly, the night
Cristina Bodelón, Ignacio de Vicente 25m 12A
Elena and Mario need a second child desperately. It's a matter of life or death. After an unexpected miscarriage, Elena becomes pregnant again. But the pressure to carry out her pregnancy successfully, the solitude of the place she lives in and the complexity of the love she feels for her husband dive Elena into an abyss.
Drama Spain

My brother juan Cristina Martin Barcelona, Maria José Martin Barcelona
10m 12A Ana is a 6 years old girl who is undergoing child therapy with a psychologist. Through games and drawings she tells the psychologist about her family, in particular about her older brother, Juan. She describes what he ́s like, how he feels about her, how they play together. But soon, it will be revealed that things are not always exactly what they seem.
Drama Spain

Dying to come back
Javier Marco 15m 12A
At 78 years old, Manuela buys a camera and augmented reality glasses. Drama Spain

Javier Kühn 13m 12A
A Victorian story about life, death and everything in between.
Drama Spain

Woman without a child
Eva Saiz 15m 15
Tere welcomes a young boy in his house looking for a room to rent. Among them, an affinity will be created that little by little will come to resemble the one that any mother has with her son, if it were not because Tere sees him in another way.
Drama Spain

Learning To Lose
Sergio Milán 6m 12
A granddaughter. A grandfather. A new game.
Drama Spain

Cuban Heel Shoes.
Julio Mas Alcaraz 17m 15
Paco and Jose are two teenage boys living in a marginal neighbourhood of Madrid, a place hostile to each of their dreams. With serious family problems, and surrounded by an aggressive, macho, homophobic environment, they must lead a double life to hide the beginning of a love relationship and their passion for flamenco dance. Drama Spain

Rodrigo Bazzano Firpo 14m 12A
Pili is a middle-age woman. She owns a tabacco shop in a working class neighberhood of Madrid, and she is a gambler. Enraged by the prize of a slot machine, she will chase Ying and Li-Sung throughout the neighborhood. How far will she be willing to go?
Drama Spain

Álvaro Vicario 11m 12A
José faces a paranormal event that breaks into his home. As he fights for his life against the supernatural powers, Jose will have to discover the secret behind the phenomena if he wishes to regain control of his home.
Drama Spain

Any Given Car
David Pérez Sañudo 13m 15
Manuel wants to get in his car but three bullies prevent him. "What have you done inside that nightclub?"
Drama Spain

La Llorona
Ismael Olivares 18m 15
Year 1936. Inés is born. Your crying is unceasing. It has a gift. A gift that you should not use. Year 1969, has lived the most bitter of men since his birth, but is already tired. He is on the verge of doing what he should not do. Something that, perhaps, he regrets his whole life.
Drama Spain

Günst ul vándrafoo / Gusts of wild life
Jorge Cantos 24m 15
It is said he has someone locked up. People have seen him looking over from the other side of the fence. That kid will disappear any day.
Drama Spain

Mountain snails
Víctor Cerdán 11m 15
Loren invites his friends to a paella in a countryside's house. Suddenly, he finds out that his daughter had just fleed with a 50 year old Moroccan man. But he's not aware that all of it is due to a tragic misunderstanding. Caracoles Serranos is a story about the prejudices and violence of the rising ultra-right movement in Europe.
Drama Spain

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