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6 - 10 pm

The Lord Mayor of Oxford discusses the climate emergency
Sharon Woodward 6m U Lord Mayor of Oxford speaks about three examples of the steps taken to address climate change in Oxford. Documentary Britain

Fractured Minds
Dave O’Rourke. 12m 12A
Rick and Alex’s world has been turned upside down with the news that their mother is in the advanced stages of dementia. They now have an impossible decision to make.
Mental Health Drama Britain

Ballet Morgue
Katy Jungmann 12m 12
"Composer/film maker - Katy Jungmann Working with ballet dancers I understand the life span and effort involved, which I relate to as a jazz musician and also which I find so brave, which led me to make this video. Filmed at the Albert Street toilets arts centre that popped up over the summer. Now sadly its being demolished so a great symbol for ... Dance London, England

Changing Room Boy
Katy Jungmann 4m U
I started creating music & videos with dancers a while back, now under the collaboration 'Dance4Music'. My new album ‘(K)Now Straition' began before lockdown to be performed with Justyna Sochaj one of my fav Contemporary dancer friends. Here showing 'Changing Room Boy' is the first video we did together in her Hackney studio, whilst working on her solo project.
Taking a song from an older album 'Strange' by Trixie & The Discolexics (aka. Me) The song 'Changing Room Boy' sings of a clothing shop assistant boxed in his job & it's endless bore. I have never been a shop assistant, but I can relate to being in work, feeling the need to escape to find a place where I belong.

AKA - also known as ….
Dave Maybrick 16m 12A
What happens when you're about to meet the priest for a discussion about the Christening, and your husband wants to call your first child 'Jurgen' ?
Comedy Britain

Sinitta Monero 4m 12A
Nathalie and Mike fight over the custody of their much loved feline friend. Comedy Britain

Audrey Greg Hall 4m 12
A nine year old girl buries her dead fish and comes to terms with death during lockdown. Drama Britain

This is the programme
called Wornington Words:

1. The Seeker
(2020) 11 mins, Drama.
Directed by Natasha Langridge
A game of hide & seek goes wrong and only magic can put it right. Child only cast filmed at Venture, Meanwhile and Wornington Green estate.

2. Me and You
(2020) 10 mins, Drama/Documentary
Directed by Constantine Gras and Natasha Langridge
A day in the life of residents on Wornington Green estate during the COVID19 lockdown

3. The Wornington Word
(2010) 40 minutes, Documentary
Directed by Natasha Langridge
A year long heritage lottery funded project that documents the residents on Wornington Green estate as it is being redeveloped into Portobello Square

Cut Out
Josephine James. 7m U
‘Cut Out’ is a short film about a musician’s last night on earth with his favourite groupie, before being led by the angel of death to join the infamous ’27 club.
Experimental London, England

FLOW STATE (Handcrafted Series no. 1)
SarahJane Swan & Roger Simian Avant Kinema 9m U hand-painted & scratched Super 8 film Art Britain


The best man attempts to keep face and deliver his speech at his brother’s wedding, following an advance in the hotel bathroom by the father of the bride.
Drama United Kingdom

The Barring Of The Cross
John Wheeler. 90 minutes 18
The Barring Of The Cross tells the story of a theft. A theft that changes the world that we live in and challenges the beliefs of those who inhabit it. It also interests prying eyes in the Universe who watch it.
Drama Britain.


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