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Fowl / Дичь
Irina Khodyush 16m 12A
Sasha is a young actor looking for a job. His wife constantly demands money but he is unsuccessful and even his agent refuses to work with him due to the lack of prospects. Sasha is totally disappointed in himself and the acting profession right until the accidental meeting turns his life upside down. Drama Russia

Muse / Муза
Petr Dranga 13m 12A
Cello player Edward returns to the stage after three years pause caused by his personal crisis and absolute desire not to perform anymore. He passed through the emotional frustration and the mental breakdown that followed. This is an important return to the audience and critics which mean a real challenge for him. Svetlana is in the concert hall and her presence doesn't allow him to leave. Edward dives deep into his memories as he plays the music. And it is filled with moments of deepest love and frustration... Edward dives into the darkest places of his mind. He was afraid to step into them for a long time and finally he is realising why he stopped performing. Drama Russia

Alexander Khudokon 10m 12A
Wintery black-and-white Zero City revoking the famous Soviet anti-utopia with Leonid Filatov, is hostile and indifferent. Here, behind every corner there is a spy, behind every door are the kindly ones who are ready to come after you at any moment, every act, even if it conforms to the law, is a privacy invasion. Like the Stranger from Albert Camus story, the main character of the film is running, but rather along the stone shores of the city, running not only from the omnipresent system, but to some extent from himself in it. His story is a fragment of our monotonous everyday routine, going through which we don’t even question what is this another check on the road and who arrogantly enters our and our friends’ homes, as if being accustomed to silently exist under the omnipresent glass cap. Drama Russia

Vladislav Bakhanovich 20m 12A
Eighth-grader Dima enters a new life. A beautiful girlfriend, grown-up friends, night parties... His dreams are finally coming true. Now he has only one goal: to win the underground fighting tournament ""Meat Grinder"". On his way to the top he will have to make tough adult decisions. Drama Russia

After School / Posle Shkoly

Alexander Kibanov 15m U
Lera has graduated from school and wants to study modern technologies. Her mother doesn't support her passions and insist on her getting serious. Once Lera receives an unusual subject, that can help her to fulfill her dream.But that means she goes against the will of her nearest." Drama Russia

Fedor Bebinko 11m 12A
A woman is searching for a stray dog in the garage area. She finds the dog and pulls out a gun to shot it. But suddenly she sees her own reflect in the dogs eyes. Drama Russia

Vladimir Koptsev, Elena Koptseva 13m 12A
A messenger of the special delivery service does their usual job: delivers orders to people’s houses. It’d be an ordinary story, if it wasn’t for the deliveries themselves-these are sheer emotions. Any person can send real joy or love or any flashbacks to their addressee - messenger will deliver everything at one’s command. But will one feel better?" Drama Russia

Ilya Sherstobitov 10m 15
This story can happen in any city in the world. There are no heroes and the life goes out of the frame, like a time in the hourglass. Fear permeates every second of the finale. Drama Russia

Vitaly Shepelev 13m 12A
A three of glamorous characters, trying to get to a fashion show on time, is calling a taxicab with an autopilot navigation. The smart system is choosing the route away from the dangerous districts with criminal gangs. But there is a temptation to make the route shorter, and so the antagonists are in a tight corner: the wind screen is going to break under a head of metal bar and aggressive ragamuffins. What should they do, where to go and whom to call for help? Fortunately, the transport company provides a “spare.” Thriller Russia


Alexander Solovyov 5m 12A
Praskovya continues working in the Bank despite hunger in the freezing siege of Leningrad. Her husband went to war. The only thing he left is the ink pot. This gift is the onlyitem which makes Praskovya feel warm. In the most critical moment when no hopes or energy is left only the ink pot acts as a twist of destiny. Drama Russia

Crew 3,14 / Экипаж 3,14
Denis Pavlov 21m 18
Misadventures of a police crew in the snowy Russian province. There is a folk superstition - ''if a chill runs over the body then the death passed by....''. Will the policemen deceive the destiny? Is it worth believing in superstitions? Drama Russia

Dasha Charusha 1h 35m 15
The story of the film "Seven wishes" takes place during the day in a relatively confined space of the airport. Marina Gamynina, a nail technician, rushes to Khanty-Mansiysk to meet her luck, in the true sense of the word; but to be more precise, she drives like the clappers to the coach who specializes in making the correct formulation of requests to the universe. Marina has 7 wishes, which simply have to come true. However, the transfer in Pulkovo and an unexpected meeting make their adjustments to the girl's plans. Romantic Comedy Russia

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