3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

Anne Pigalle & Art Films

6 - 10 pm

Millwall, Black & White:
A Portrait From The Terraces

(Chris Haydon) 60 mins
Told by black and white players and supporters, this documentary challenges existing stereotypes, exploring relationship between fan culture, football club, and neighbourhood in South London. 

Ghost World/Animal Rites
(Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian) 25 mins
An experimental mix of hand-processed Super 8, digitally altered found video, and live footage from an Expanded Cinema performance by Avant Kinema.

The Last Pub In Town
(The Golbornes) 3 mins
Ladbroke Grove born and bred band The Goldbornes highlight the struggle their favourite local pub is facing: Dimitri is the Landlord at The Nektar Bar/Ariadne’s Nektar – the last pub standing on Latimer Road. Despite being a community hub and a place loved and patronised by locals and Celebrities alike .. Dimitri tells us how he is fighting to keep hold of the pub against the powers that be.

(Mazin Sherabayani) 15 mins
A single mother lives with her two kids in a shanty town and attempts to provide for her family against the will of her dominant husband and the patriarchal society around her.

Riot In The Meadow
(Thomas Harman) 9 mins
The life and philosophy of East End artist and former Bridget Riley assistant Vicky Hawkins.

Anne Pigalle' s  ECSTASE

Ecstase is the odyssey of a woman through the underground of Paris,
London and Los Angeles.

Ecstase is a DIY multi media in progress extravaganza, a riot of self discovery through love and the acquisition of a spiritual ecstasy.

Tonight 's showing will presents clips, videos and home movies from Madame Sex, Ecstase and The Soho Connection, depicting the adventures of our protagonist . Not unlike Mary Magdalene.

Anne met the late director Donald Cammell  (Performance, Demon Seed, White of the Eye, Wild Side ) in LA in the mid 90's who liked her work and offered to direct the originally titled Spirit of Ecstasy project . 
After more adventures and some success in the art world as a painter and photographer, Anne finally produces the self penned album/soundtrack for Ecstase.  Donald called her a genius.

Anne is a multi media artist, known also as the first and probably the only French female solo singer to have been signed directly to a British label. A bit like Joan of Arc.
Musicians such as Glen Matlock guest on the album. 
The filmettes feature many suspects including Ray Gange, Jenny Runacre, OBE Leslie Hardcastle, Tony fromThe Museum of Soho, and many more...
This Panglossian tale is a remedy for a confused, self-obsessed, generic, insipid, transitory period of the world. From a woman's perspective.

The evening includes the premiere screening of “The Soho Connection” and a live performance from Anne herself.

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