269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Portugal / Spain

6 - 10.30 pm

Blue Breath
Rodrigo Areias 1h 18m U
Crushed by a volcano against the ocean,
Ribeira Quente (Hot Stream) is a fishing village
in the Azores facing the last days of fishing
activity as they know it. Documentary, Portugal

Four Seasons And Autumn
Pedro Sena Nunes 1h 23m 12A
A film director follows the autumnal trail of
leaves that once graced the branches. Poetic,
experimental documentary on the subject of
Jorge Listopad. Documentary, Portugal

Cold Pixel
Rodrigo Areias 15m 18
They manage a cultural venue. He believes in
technological evolution. She believes that love
is static. Drama, Portugal

Eduardo Brito 7m 12A
And then, a house will appear to be waiting
you: as in a slope, this is a leaning story on the
memory of places and things, on returns and
new beginnings. Drama

Daniel Veloso 15m 12A
Lisbon 1943. Paulo and Luisa, antifascist
resistants, are trying to organise a strike to stop
essential products being sent to Nazi Germany.
Drama, Portugal

Secret History Of Aviation
Joao Manso 15m U
A poignant reflection on that which rises and
that which falls. Documentary, Portugal

In Brief
Carlo Perassi 7m U
Starts from Post-history, by narrating scientific
facts, regarding an enormous timespan in
the Universe’s far future, whilst developing a
silent drama around the heart of being human.
Experimental, Portugal

En Ningún Sitio
Bernat Sampol 13m U
Inspired by the diary of Julio Villar, surfer Kepa
Acero set out on a journey in search of a lonely
wave. Documentary, Spain

Romance Del Robo Del Sacramento
Antonio Llamas 9m 12A
An inevitable march, an exodus. A town that
is abandoned and remembered. On the way,
perhaps, there is an end. Drama, Spain

Borja Soler 12m 15
Ines and her little sister, Julia, are on holidays
doing what they like best: snorkel. Every night
at eight o’clock the girls stand near their father
and wait. Their mother always calls at that
time and they know that is the only way they
can make sure their father will hand them the
phone. Drama, Spain

Pablo Díaz 15m 12
The peculiar story of a man who has benefited
from the greed of others. His name is Carlos
Ramírez Zúñiga and this is his story. Drama,

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