269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Russian Night

6 - 10.30 pm

Vakhtangi Khubutia and
Igor Krasnikov 30m 12A
Coming back home Max is drawn into the
kaleidoscope of events that leads him to the
controversial solution. Drama, Russia

Sad Film
Kristina Disco 23m 18
It starts with stealing his father’s gun for
“resolving” the situation with a best friend, who
had sex with Ghera’s girlfriend, and ended with
taking LSD from accidentally founded package
with possibly new one. Drama, Russia

Mikhail Arkhipov 24m 12A
A man is searching for some fuel for his stalled
truck. There is nothing but wasteland and wind
along the road he is walking. To reach his goal
he is struggling with inhumane nature. Once the
energy source is found, the era of the twentieth
century will begin. Drama, Russia

Think Positive
Irina Khodyush 14m 15
There have been set up taxes on pet holders
in Russia. The defaulters are wanted by animal
inspectors. Raya is a leading professional,
she absolutely in love with her job. However, it
deforms her personality and negatively impacts
on her love relationship. Drama, Russia

Living It Up
Yaroslav Lebedev 18m 12A
We all want to live the good life. A provincial
plant engineer Ivan is no exception to this rule.
He is forced to pull off various tricks to get his
honestly earned money. Drama, Russia

Ispoved Bar
Egor Voronin 20m 12A
A lone employee of the psychological helpline
meets a girl in a bar. Their conversation turns
into a tragic confession of a man carrying the
burden of past mistakes. Drama, Russia

Romance For The French Horn
Kireeva Irina 15m 15
Tragicomedy about a talented, but not very
lucky musician who desperately fights for a
place in a famous orchestra. Drama, Russia

Alexey Yuzhakov 10m 12A
Investigator Igor shows his voice recorder to
his five-year-old son. Sasha erases all the
recordings... Drama, Russia

Inna Sopina 24m 18
About a young girl who cheated on her
boyfriend with a married man. The result of this
connection was an unwanted pregnancy.
Drama, Russia

Women’s Dorm
Andrey Krechetov 25m 15
Moscow, 1983. A young guy Roma comes
to conquer a big city. He enters the Moscow
State University, gets a buster job and moves
into a women’s hostel — then his life changes
dramatically. Drama, Russia

Night Nursing
Rudikova Anna 28m 18
A young woman, a neonatologist, dedicates
herself every day to childbirth, seeks new ways
to save 500-gram babies, but the family and
her own child are increasingly becoming an
unrealizable dream. Documentary, Russia

Natalia Bombala 2m 15
University student explores new areas of his
personality and fights his prejudices in order
to find out who he really wants to be. LGBT
Drama, Poland

The Principal
Kiril Todorov 15m 12A
After a car crash a man is about to find out what
awaits him in the afterlife. And when he meets
the Principal of the Purgatory – a person with
awful behavior, he has the feeling he won’t like
what’s ahead of him… Comedy, Bulgaria

Lyubo Yonchev 15m 12
When an alienated mother returns to Bulgaria
to abduct her own 12-year-old son, she learns
that it is not always easy to avoid making the
same mistakes. Drama, Bulgaria

Radi Stoyanov 27m 15
Late in the evening, a businessman arrives at
what initially seems to be an ordinary hotel. The
first clash with the young Monika changes him
in an unexpected way. Drama, Bulgaria

1 blue pixel
Dénes Ruzsa & Fruzsina Spitzer 9m U
Man is floating on the edge of the macro and
the micro world. That is why man tries to
uncover the rules of the micro world behind the
macro world. Experimental Animation, Hungary

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