269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Spanish Night

6 - 10.30 pm

Mi Querido Balon
Gaizka Urresti 16m U
In 1975, the day that Franco dies there is no
school. In a village in empty Spain, children
play a football match. The ball belongs to the
son of the notary. He sets the rules as he wants
until he scores a penalty goal. Drama, Spain

Out Of Plastic
Line Hadsbjerg 19m 12
Set in the Balearic Islands, and offers viewers
a moment to reflect on the profound presence
of plastic in our lives and in our natural
environment. Environmental Doc., Spain

592 metroz goiti
Maddi Barber 25m 12A
A strip of bare land, 592 metres above sea
level, today marks a dividing line within the
landscape of the valley. Below that level, the
water; above it, life goes on. Documentary

No me despertéis
Sara Fantova 21m 12
One day Jone’s father takes a political post
in the Basque Government, which means the
need to have a bodyguard and give up the life
they had been living until then.
Drama, Spain

Pello Gutiérrez 13m 12A
Don’t ask me about the hidden reason of all
dark things, or where the path of fickle time
leads us. Drama, Spain

David Carrizales 3m 12A
As human beings, we can't seem to be able to get over our differences. But, are we really all that different? we_sounds; we’re all but the same.
Animation, Spain

Sand Castles
Markel Redondo 14m U
Spain was one of the countries most affected
by the European economic crisis in 2008. Ten
years later the landscape is still shocking.
Documentary, Spain

Gastos Incluidos
Javier Macipe 22m 12A
Clause 5: The tenant agrees to ignore the
existence of ‘The Other’, in such a way that
both live in the apartment as if it were for
individual use. Drama, Spain

Fran Menchon & Sandra Reina 14m 12
Trivial Pursuit is already set up on the table,
and Paloma and Miguel seem like the perfect
opponents for an easy win. Everything is going
well until Paloma and Miguel take out a lucky
coin... Drama, Spain

En Tu Piel
Vicky Calavia 20m 12A
A meeting between young people of different
nationalities and cultures, whose common link
is to live in Aragon. Documentary, Spain

Pedro B. Abreu & Maite Astiz 7m 12A
Iriana wakes up from a dream into another.
A nightmare where her boyfriend physically
changes. Drama, Spain

La Distancia
Fernando Lorenzana 18m 12A
Sara and Helena cannot be separated. During
a routine conversation, some insecurities, that
may affect their relationship, come to light.”
LGBT Drama, Spain

Arnau Gòdia Montesinos 8m U
Anna is a psychiatrist novel that receives a
patient in a state of apathy caused by their
work, the therapy will be so exhausting that
ends up the patient recovered, but with Anna
falling in their same apathy. Animation, Spain

Iñaki Rikarte & Aitor De Kintana 9m U
José is a pizza deliverer. His last order will
take him to meet Edu, a funny client. He will
make an apparently innocent request, where
two ways of understanding the client-supplier
relationship will be confronted. Comedy, Spain

Azucena Garanto Satué 30m U
A Spanish soccer coach moves to Azerbaijan to
pursue her professional dream. After 3 years it
is time to say goodbye. Documentary, Spain

Pablo Adiego Almudevar 25m U
An old man is the last inhabitant of a village lost
in the mountains. Day by day, he watches from
his house the decay and ruin of what was once
full of life. Documentary, Spain

Let’s Go To Antarctica!
Gonzaga Manso 6m U
Carlos is a human being who at this very
moment is on a holiday in Antarctica. The
penguins, who do not have cameras, will forget
all about Carlos. Documentary, Spain

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