269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Australian Night

6 - 10.30 pm

Tine Jensen 14m 15
Cheeky and daring, Sugar Baby Alia enacts
a scheme to secretly film her encounters with
wealthy men. Drama, Australia

Reflections On A Genocide
David Fedele 5m 12
A film exploring the genocide in Cambodia
between 1975 - 1979, where it is estimated that
up to 2 million people were killed, under the rule
of the Khmer Rouge. Documentary, Australia

No Music For Hate
David Fedele 17m U
The film invites you to enter the world of
Moroccan musician Said Benmsafer as he joins
Sicilian musician Alessandro Venza.
Music Documentary, Australia

Nous Sommes Des Messagers
(We Are Messagers)
David Fedele 16m U
A portrait of Senegalese musicians Mbemba
Diebaté & Walowalo Niangbalo. Music
Documentary, Australia

An Improvised Night Walk With Livia Giaffreda
David Fedele 15m U
We are invited to come on a very special
night walk with Livia through the streets of
Palermo, where she will perform four songs, all
improvised. Music Documentary, Australia

Harriet Mckern 9m U
A heart-warming exploration of a community art
project by photographer Tawfik Elgazzar.
Art Documentary, Australia

Le Prelude: 10,000 Miles From Paris
Kathleen O’Dwyer 9m 12A
Native Parisian on an assignment in the
Australian outback meets a local - they both
find themselves stuck in an unconventional
“date”. Drama, Australia

Blue Moon
Stefen Harris 1h 26m 15
Two sad middle aged men have not seen each
other in forty yearsl. In the scramble for half a
million dollars of drug money they must face the
past. Crime Thriller, New Zealand

Barry Jones In Search of Lost Time - A Film Story
Garry Sturgess 2h 12A
Featuring more than 60 great films, Australian
polymath politician Barry Jones combs the
flickering frames of childhood in search of lost
time. Biographical Documentary, Australia

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