269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR


6 - 10.30 pm

Sammy Gadbois 5m U
A video essay about the perspective of a
teenager on his hometown. Documentary

Inuk Hunter
George Annanack 4m U
A poetic film about an Inuk man hunting for
northern lights. Documentary, Canada

Respect Your Elders, Chum!
Jack Belhumeur 7m 15
Meet Chum, a young unemployed man who
steals his grandfather’s prescription pills to sell
them in his community. Drama, Canada

I Am Me
Jazmine Smith 5m 12A
This is a story of acceptance, self-love and
jewelry. LGBT Drama, Canada

Among The Forest
Nicholas Oqim 7m 12A
A young boy finds himself alone in the forest,
fighting for survival, after escaping a residential
school. Social Drama, Canada

Kévin Gourvellec 5m U
Abstract animation on the Pierre Bastien music.
Animation, Canada

The Lure Of The Deep
Larissa Corriveau 16m U
In order to fulfill his dreams an introverted actor
records tales from around the world - which
raise little enthusiasm until an anonymous girl
listens over and over the last tale published.
Comedy, Canada

N’Cee Van Heerden 19m 12A
A happily married husband wakes up to a totally
original idea and is the only one immune to it.
Dark Comedy, Canada

The100th Victim
Anthony von Seck 20m 15
A killer confesses his bizarre experiments to
a blogger for the LA Times. An unassuming
middle-aged man shares his appetite for
twisting fate and playing God. He has polaroids
of his 99 victims, by the end of their meal, one
of them will be next. Thriller, Canada

Victoria Karakoleva 27m 15
Among the sea and the wind. Lea meets Val
in the middle of nowhere. But the only thing he
needs is her patience. Drama, Bulgaria

Barney Frydman 18m 15
A Police squad on a mission... A football
match... Tension rises on either side... They
must face the pressure. Drama, Belgium

My Kingdom
Guillaume Gouix 17m 15
None of this will matter to the people who
come here after us. To them, these will only be
simple walls, they’ll turn it into a walk-in closet
or a parental suite. Our memories are worth
more than that. They don’t belong in boxes,
they are everywhere. Fuck nostalgia.

Marine Sharpp 30m 15
Marine, photographer of 26 years, captures the
portrait of three bodybuilders. Art Documentary,

By(e) Love
Georgy Liebermann 18m 15
A couple who get lost in the night, through a
game that will mark the end of a story, revealing
two solitudes finally released... Drama, Belgium

On Air
Bastiaan Rock 17 min 12A
Brian, who got stuck in a rut, receives a call during a broadcast that doesn’t turn into a pleasant conversation.

This Is No Land

Alexander Decommere 17m 15
An old cowboy mourns at a little girl’s grave in
the middle of a western desert. He returns to
his old pickup, only to take a seat next to Laura,
an eight-year-old girl that kind of resembles
the dead girl. He promises her to take her to
Disneyland... Drama, Belgium

Castle to Castle

Emmanuel Marre 40m 12
Pierre, 25, is housed by Francine, who is 75,
confined to her wheelchair. They are opposite
but they still confide in each other. Fictional
Documentary, Belgium

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