3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

Local Caribbean Culture and Cathy Hassan with live music

6 - 10 pm

Arts Of Conflict- The Discourse Of Notting Hill (Tony Oldham) 66mins
As the Carnival comes under more pressure from the press, politicians, police and locals, this documentary tells the story of carnival from it’s inception out of the 1950s race riots.

A People’s Art (Tony Oldham) 58 mins
Ayosha goes on a journey to participate in her first ever Carnival and discover the freedoms that Notting Hill represents.

Beyond The Photo (Cathy Hassan) 70 mins
Recording the realities of Black British lives in the 1970s and 1980s. Personal experiences are linked by themes of a discriminatory police culture, winter of discontent, inhumane housing and rising voices of socially disgruntled youths.
The film traces the journey of one photo, opening up to reveal social and historical narratives from times when “Sons of Empire” gave rise to fears of a black invasion, to a social, cultural and political awareness shaped by the US Civil rights movement and black activism. The documentary features interviews with family members of the Community leader Olive Morris, and the Civil rights activist Darcus Howe; in one of his final interviews.  Historian, Dr Robin Bunce, University of Cambridge provides valuable insight into the turbulent years.
Powerful images by Al Vandenberg, Charlie Phillips, Neil Kenlock, Nick Hedges along with many other contributors explore the ethnic and cultural landscape, civil unrest, Black Power as an ideology and a movement in Britain, the Afro as an expression of black pride and photography as a powerful tool in the construction of one’s image and story.

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