3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

Just For You London
inc Greg Hall/Nick Nevern double bill

6 - 10 pm

Views From A Pear Tree (Ronit Dassa) 30 minutes
Everyday stories of life at Highbury Quadrant, a housing estate in North London, exploring the ideals, ideas, and values of the post-war generation.

Confidence With Cressida (Blanche Anderon) 9 mins
Cut out of the family wealth, aristocrat Cressida Cavendish-Smyth desperately tries to regain her fortune using her best asset – selfconfidence. Think ‘Cunk On Britain’ meetsa ‘The Windsors’.

Spanish Dancer, London Life (Richard Dunkley) 30 minutes
Following Maria Vega and her Flamenco/Jazz fusion dance company as she relocates to London.

Together Alone (Justin MCaulay) 16 mins
A grieving writer spends his days people watching creating a formula to group the people in his mind.

Approval Needed (Karen Anstee) 11 mins
A lonely traffic warden loses it with a checkout machine, but will she meet the one she loves?

Special Delivery (Robert Hackett) 5 mins
A weary postman trudges through the February snow delivering brightly coloured envelopes to all but one door.

To Dream (Jonnie Dean Peace) 1 min
The strange sights and sound of London to be overcome.

The Knowledge (Alexander Osman) 14 mins
A dark night in London in 1991. There’s serial killer on the loose. Fate brings two men together in a black taxi.

Penumbra (Oscar Knott) 9 mins
Two rival inmates, a terrorist and a serial killer, are pitted together in a cell.

Portobello Film Festival 2019 proudly presents a unique Greg Hall and Nick Nevern Double Bill featuring Q&As with the directors.

Portobello Film Festival alumni directors Greg Hall and Nick Nevern, who both launched their careers with explosive no-budget debuts, return for a special double bill of their latest short films ‘Smack Edd’ and ‘Trigger Finger’.
Greg’s feature ‘The Plague’ won Best Director Award at Portobello Film Festival 2004 and Nick’s feature ‘Terry’ won Time Out Award Best London Film at Portobello Film Festival 2009. 

The two filmmakers return to PFF 2019 to present their latest short films:
Smack Edd (Greg Hall) 7 mins. A father in the grips of addiction who uninvitedly crashes his son’s eighth birthday, and
Trigger Finger
(Nick Nevern) 16 mins.
A brutal yet honest portrayal of inner city life and the bullying and abuse kids are subjected to on the streets of London.
Both films coincidentally star actors George Russo (Turnout) & Lorraine Stanley (London To Brighton). 

Goodnight London (Oliver Guy Watkins) 60 mins
Today London exists in a transient state swallowed by cranes, building sites, and half eaten streets. Music venues, art studios, and universities have closed. Affordable housing has disappeared from the city.

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