3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

Animation, Sci Fi and Cycling

6 - 10 pm

Park Dance (Claire Cresswell) 5 mins
Down the local park with dogs and ballet music.

Escape From England (Clare Cresswell) 5mins
What if we were refugees trying to escape a fascist monarchy in England?

Reverse Darwinism (Dermot Daly and Ivan Mack) 5 mins
Professor Vanessa is a scientist and survivor. What she knows will change the world.

Ubercock (Katya Kan) 7 mins
Emancipating females confronting misogyny and the commodifying culture of social medis apps such as Uber and Tinder. Lyrics and original music by Katya Kan. Female vocals by Dusky Dawn and male voice Dennis Deft Martinez.

Night Crime (Peppe De Marco) 7 mins
Man in black activates implanted chip and a hologram appears. What happened that night? Who killed the future?

Rebirth (Linda Landers) 14 mins
Signifying the mysteries of time and rebirth, two graceful souls sense something of their other self through space and time.

Ghost Dogs (David Hutchinson) 4 mins
The ghost dogs come up with a plan to prevent the millionaire with the orange hair turning their graveyard into a golf course.

This Mourning (Molly Brown) 20 mins
Ada finds herself taking part in a phone in on the subject of Am I Dead?

Snake Charmer (Molly Brown) 5 mins
Who or what is the charming Sebastian Porter-Smythe. 2nd episode of (non existant) television series.

The Masque Of Blackness (Epoh Beech) 13 mins
Hand drawn animation reimagines literature exploring spirit of place to take us on a moonlit journey from West Africa to the Thames in London.

40 Cypher Tapes (Kashmirwala) 8 mins
One MC’s early journey through freestyle battles in London. Edited from resurfaced tapes documenting UK MC battle scene. This is raw London hip-hop culture before social media.

Steel Is Real But Carbon Is Quicker (Dominic Wade) 86 mins
Looks at grassroots from which the vibrant and fast growing British cycling scene has sprung, celebrating the heroes who took to the road and proved it was paved with British grit.

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