269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Spanish Night

6 - 10.30 pm

Las Débiles Luces Lejanas
Paolo Aguilar Boschetti 21m U
At the dawn of an era where the cycles of
nature have changed and the rural towns are
abandoned, four brother farmers accompany
and help each other to survive.

I Can’t Cry
Monica Negueruela 8m 12
A married couple meet the woman who is going
to become their surrogate. Then she reveals
shocking information. Drama, Spain

Out of Control
Reynaldo Quijada 15m 12
On a stormy night, Carlos, an air traffic
controller receives an emergency call from
a flight that has electrical faults heading to a
possible disaster. The Captain of the plane is
his brother. Drama, Spain

Pablo Manchado Cascón,
Santiago Cardelús Ruiz-Alberdi 15m 12A
An average guy driving his car comes across
a woman being assaulted. He is torn between
his instinct to ignore the scene and drive on, or
sum up his courage and become a hero.

Abuelo Fuego / Grandpa Fire
Alfonso O Donnell Gonzalez de Castejon 20m U
A girl born in the West but with Peruvian roots,
teaches us of her Peruvian grandfather, the
importance of the oral tradition, culture, stories
and roots of her people. Documentary, Spain

The Fold Of The Cowards
Xabier Alconero 6m 12A
Jose always wanted to be a pilot, but he ended
up doing something very different. One day
he wakes up, he is 86 years old and he has
the feeling of having wasted his life. Mock-
Documentary, Spain

Insurgent Grandpas
Jesús Martínez 14m 12A
When you’re up to your neck in shit, all you can
do is sing (Samuel Beckett). Comedy, Spain

La Eminencia
Carlota Coronado, Clara Roca 23m U
Everything is born with a riddle with a very
simple answer, but for many people the answer
is not so obvious. Why? Documentary, Spain

Violeta Trincado 13m 12
A homeless called Zacarias, a Man in Suit and
a Taxi Driver meet together in a traffic accident
that causes Zacarias death. Going back in
time, an insignificant detail, like the butterfly
effect, will change the fate of the characters.
Drama, Spain

Xiao Xian
Jiajie Yu Yan 17m 15
Xiao Xian is in charge of finishing a dress. Her
mother has decided that she is going to take
care of it that night. Her best friend, shows up at
her house to convince her to go partying. Xiao
Xian accepts, but she cannot imagine what will
end up happening that night. Drama, Spain

Coming Ashore
Santi Palacios & Mikel Konate 10m 12A
A short multimedia documentary showing the
risk that thousands of people face when trying
to reach the European coasts in search of
refuge, and how many of them lose lives in the
attempt. Documentary, Spain

Widows of sir Alvaro Cifuentes
Fresnadillo Maria Guerra 12m 15
After the sudden death of Alvaro, Julia ‘his
widow’, watches the body in the conjugal home.
She is surprised by an unpleasant visit. Drama

Polaroids. El Almacén De La Memoria
Josu Venero 15m 15
As Luis Buñuel said, ‘Memory is constantly
invaded by the imagination and dream world,
and since there is a temptation to believe in
the reality of the imaginary, we end up making
truths of our lies’. Drama, Spain

5 Horas, 39 Minutos, 25 Segundos
Tomás Rojo 25m 12A
When Damian comes into the world, his health
is very delicate. A nurse decides to place
another baby by her side, and her improvement
is instantaneous. Many years later, he goes in
search of this nurse, who surprisingly hides a
great secret. Drama, Spain

What grows within
Nacho Ozores 17m 12A
Cris, an environmental ecologist fighting to
replant the forest, finds evidence that a forest
fire will be intentionally started imminently. After
preventing it, he discovers that whoever was
behind the plot will attempt another fire soon.
Drama, Spain

Car wash tunnel
David Cánovas 15m 15
Ana and Víctor, a middle age couple, drive to
the house of some friends to have dinner. But
he decides to stop at a gas station to buy a
bottle of wine and wash the car, a decision that
will change the way of their lives.

Vino En Las Venas
Leire Albinarrate Fernández 6m U
One vineyard. Two sisters. Love for family is in
your blood... But love for wine is in your veins.
Drama, Spain

A bitter was the dessert
Diego H. Katarniuk Di Costanzo 19m 18
A French nobleman invites his friends to dinner
- the first dinner after the death of his wife.
Everything proceeds with maximum tranquility
until a peculiar dessert and a macabre game.
Drama, Spain

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