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Germay / Iran / China

6 - 10.30 pm

Togoland - Échos d’Empires
(The Fire, a Fowl and an (Un)Forgotten Past) “
J├╝rgen Ellinghaus 13m 12A
From 1884 to 1914, ‘Togoland’, a small belt of
land between the British Gold Coast Colony
and French-governed Dahomey was part of
the German overseas empire. ‘Togoland’ - 100
years later: fragments of a colonial legacy.

Olga Delane 20m 12A
In the Siberian countryside, marriage is
traditionally seen as the greatest achievable
happiness for a woman. But 80-year-old
Dorotchka, an archetypal babushka, has always
remained alone. She contemplates life, love,
regret and loneliness—has she maybe brought
this fate upon herself? Documentary, Germany

Steve Johnson 97 mins
Successful writer, Martin, is struggling after the death of his wife and child in a car crash. But when he meets grieving mother, Lily at a bereavement group, his life changes and he starts to question the circumstances of the accident. Who is the mysterious character in the photographs and why can’t he shake the feeling that he’s being played? Feature Film Britain

Time To Leave
Orhan Tekeoglu 51 minutes U
About a father, whose son – living in Germany
– turned ill and wanted to come back and live
with the father in a cottage in a mountain area.
The father prepares his return, but the son dies
and the father regrets that he had no contact
with the son, when he was in prison because of
drugs. Documentary. Turkey

English/Chinese ST Wen Li 1h 20m 15
After falling into sleep, Jiang, a young painter,
finds himself in a Taogu village where he meets
a mute girl, Jiu’er and her foster father Old Bai
who believed firmly in ancient Xiangchu gods.
Drama, China

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