Maxilla Social Club
2 Maxilla Walk London W10 6NQ

Grand Opening Ceremony

6-10 pm

Bouba & Kiki (Jack Goessens) 11 mins
Bouba has synaesthesia: he associates sounds with flavours. One day he meets a young jazz singer.

Granbad (Annabel Vine) 10 mins
A dyslexic boy inadvertently shows a bully that it isn’t soppy to love your Grandad and like spending time with him.
A New Light (Iacopo Di Giralomo & Ollie Cullen) 13 mins
A new technology can change the way energy is produced in Uganda and Kenya.

One (Luke Bradford) 4 mins
When one is too many and a thousand is not enough. Script winner for Directors UK and Arri.

Digital Dis-ease (Shokranheh Moghadam) 4 mins
The product of a digital era that caters to addictive behaviours - how do the youth, a vulnerable generation, unplug from a world that only exists behind filtered screens?

Skip Girl (Annabel Vine) 18 mins
A failing musician rediscovers his mojo when an unconventional woan finds value in his things that have been dumped into a skip by his frustrated wife.

Altruistic (Emma Edwards) 4 mins
10 years ago in UK, Steven & Ivan could never have dreamed of having a child of their own. That was until Steven’s sister came to the rescue.

Rotten Hill (Whitty Gordon Projects) 6 mins
The band based in Notting Hill who are performing and following their passion for music whilst reflecting on life and social changes in the area.

What’s Going On – The Dinner Party (Chris Saleswicz) 45 mins
Aghast at a world in which our lives had become dominated by Brexit, the Wall, knife crime, the Grenfell and Windrush scandals, the enigma of Jeremy Corbyn, and a ceaseless array of further Babylonian sins, some friends of mine and myself got together on 16 April of this year to have dinner and consider these issues of the age, as well as the best way to cook cowfoot. We filmed it: What’s Going On: the Dinner Party. What emerges is a snapshot of Britain on a specific day: we try to penetrate what we are really thinking…With a few jokes.
‘You know what this is?’ said Bradley Richards, the editor, as we worked on the final scene. ‘It’s an art-house movie.’

Stiv (Danny Garcia) 85 mins
The life and times of Stiv Bators, legendary frontman of the Dead Boys and The Lords of The New Church, from the director of classic rock docs on Joe Strummer and Johnny Thunders currently working on Brian Jones.

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