3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

Rock And Roll Life

Featuring Baaba Maal In Senegal by Chris Salewicz and
A Sot Of Whisky from Steve Graham

6 - 10.30 pm

Bog (Jodie Brown) 8 mins
Holly gets locked in her boyfriend’s bathroom 12 hours later she is still there. Comedy

Mirror Mirror (James Atkins) 5 mins
Cautionary tale of a millennial and her obsession with a mobile phone AI App, Drama.

The Penny Dropped (A.D.Cooper) 6 mins
Desperate Angie has to go to a dark place to seek help from an unlikely source. Supernatural.

Lucky Hat (Gavin Sanctis) 3 mins
The journey of a lucky hat that seems to endow it’s owner with good fortune. Animation.

Speak (Edward Dede) 10 mins
Experimental dance movie about the fundamental importance of having a voice no matter what obstacles or barriers you may face. Dance.

Gumzilla (Jonathan Pandy)15 mins
French stop motion animation with music by Les Peuples De L’Herbe and all sound FX and voices by JC 001. Animation.

Made By Hand: The Potentino Wine Quartet (Sarah Killery)10 mins
Hand held camera, hand made wine and hand written and played music. In Italy Mark Springer (Rip Rig & Panic) makes and performs a piece based on the seasonal cycle of a castle vineyard in Tuscany. Music.

Delicacy (Michael Middleton-Downer) 9 mins
A young chef must find a way to make perfect dumplings for her ever increasing clientele. Horror.

Hard Earth (Constantine Gras) 14 mins
One family. Three divided people. “What will I be?” Drama

Futures (Daniel Marc James) 13 mins
Moral thriller set in the City Of London featuring Craig Parkinson from Line Of Dury. Drama.

“a movie of me walking with added video effects” (Carl Evans) 5 mins
The streets beneath my feet become art and music. 5 mins

Fatto Amano: Made By Hand (Sarah Killery) 10 mins
Hand Held cameras, hand made wine and hand written and hand played music. In Italy Mark Springer makes and performs a piece based on the seasonal cycle of a castle vineyard. Music.

Baaba Maal In Senegal (Chris Salewicz) 30 mins
Baaba Maal records an album in his home village in Senegal. The route to his roots. Music.

Ska’d By The Music (Sharon Woodward) 60 mins
The story of the creators of the “Skinhead Moonstomp” album, the British Jamaican Ska band that engaged a generation of working class teenagers. Music Documentary.

A Shot Of Whisky (Steve Graham) 90 mins
The story of LA’s legendary Whisky A Go Go told through the eyes of the owner and the rock stars who started their careers there. Music Documentary.

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