The Muse
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR


6pm – 11pm

To The Stars (Jusqu’aux etoiles), Janine Piguet, 30 minutes, 12A
Stella, a young composer, throws herself from a roof. We discover her a little later, totally transformed. She has moved from a fragile and lost girl to a self-conscious manga style ghost with music sheets growing in her hair. Comedy. Switzerland

Games People Play, Dawn Westlake, 8 minutes, 12A
A married couple vows never to speak another cross word, but playing some is not off the table. Comedy. USA

The Engagement, Greg Zinger, 20 minutes, 12A
A romantic comedy about the fear of commitment. Romantic Comedy. London, England

Thanks For Accepting Me, Nikos Kourou, 24 minutes, U
Sonia wants a man of substance with whom she can share and communicate, but finds only liars and egocentrics. Until she goes online and meets Alkinoos. Warm, intelligent. But he is hiding a secret. Comedy. Greece

Schmidt’s Cat (Schmidt’s Katze), Felix Knoche, 11 minutes, 12A
There has been a killling in the allotment garden. Mr. Schmidt, the chairman, is not coming down until he discovers the murderer of his beloved cat Cleopatra. Black Comedy. Germany

Night Of The Living Relatives, Tom Delfino, 8 minutes, 12A
John reads that zombies, as with suicide bombers, have to be shot in the head. Too bad John and his wife Kelly didn’t shoot his zombified sister. Comedy Horror. USA

Anomalous (Anomalo), Aitor Gutierrez, 16 minutes, U
Three elderly men have fun spying on a woman through their binoculars from the covered swimming pool in a sports centre. The pool’s glass walls are their shield and their vantage point. But tonight Luis, Dario and Pedro will witness an occurrence that can’t be undone. Comedy. Spain

Aeternity, Paolo Rollo, 25 minutes, 12A
Aeternity is a small funeral house owned by Mario Trapassi and his family. They decide to create an advert to promote their business. The result is chilling. Comedy. Italy

Between The Lines (Die Postgötter), Florian Moses Bayer, 30 minutes, 12A
Harald Mayr is a devoted postman in a small village called Galswinkel. As well as delivering letters, he’s also checking them. If their content doesn’t meet his moral standard, he amends them. Comedy. Germany

Rust “Peace & Quiet”, Niels Bourgonje, 5 minutes, 12A
An old married couple are enjoying a quiet day together when a neighbour asks them to keep an eye on his teenage daughter for a few hours They have great difficulty handling her however, and when she crosses the line, the couple is forced to take matters into their own hands. Dark Comedy. Holland

She Bought It In Zarautz (Zarautzen Erosi Zuen), Aitor Arregi, 16 minutes, U
Often, when Miren goes to order her coffee, someone jumps the queue. But the day she realises that a blouse has been stolen from her shop, she decides to put her foot down. Comedy. Spain

Barefoot (Freifuss), Daniel Pfeiffer, 6 minutes
Herald decided to spend 6 months barefoot. To travel the world without shoes. Some people can live for a while without Facebook or a car. he gave up shoes. It wasn’t easy but he gained some valuable experiences. Based on a column by journalist Harald Martenstein. In English. Comedy. Germany

Chasing Daycare (Krippenwahn), Satu Siegemund, 15 minutes, U
Helena has just started a new job − and she’s already pregnant. To have her work contract extended after her pregnancy, she sets out on a desperate search for day care. Comedy. Germany

The Ninth Cloud, Jane Spencer, 93 minutes, 15
A tragi-comedy about a young woman who, in trying to avoid harsh realities, simply refuses to accept them. Somehow, though at great sacrifice, she triumphs and moves forward. Shot entirely in London. Tragic Comedy. Switzerland


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