SUN 14 Sept
Upstairs at the KPH Pub
139 Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington W10 6HJ

Video Cafe selection: YOU CHOOSE THE FILMS

Please see the festival projectionist or receptionist and book a slot for the film by quoting the number. This is open to everyone: filmmakers and public alike.

12 am-7 pm

264 Something You Can Call Home
Rebecca Kenyon, 75 mins
The face of homelessness is changing. The film explores what’s necessary for emotional survival.

238 Still Keeping The Fight Alive
Rayna Nadeem, 17 mins
Newham Monitoring Project’s 33 Year history of resistance to racist violence and Police misconduct.

253 Severn & Somme; The Life of Ivor Gurney WW1 Poet and Composer.
Diana Taylor, 52 mins
The country boy they called Shubert, contrasting the horror of the Somme and the beauty of the Severn. He was incarcerated for 15 years in an asylum with shell shock.

80 Life In Parallel
Steve Jolley, 36 mins
A tube driver’s life changes when someone jumps under his train.

81 Strangers Eye
Itai Ankrah, 10 mins
Mystery drama set on the London Eye.

224 Xanadu
Dominic Reynolds, 74 mins
A reclusive writer becomes trapped in his own novel.

117 Looping Earth
Michael Murnau, 82 mins
The distance between dream and reality.

229 Electronic Pimp
Callum Scott Dyson, 7 mins
Bruce Wheeler, AKA Electronic Pimp, attempts to make it in the music industry.

59 Castle Howard Revisited
Nick Fletcher, 5 mins
The tranquility of one of England’s finest stately homes.

13 I Hear Fish Drowning
J. Hodge & S Strong, 222 mins
Stella embarks on a literature course on Irish Women & Exile.

204 Wild Oats
Max Day, 58 mins
A shameless homage to Federico Fellini.

36 The Hero’s Tidy
John Wallis, 15 mins
A man cleans his flat as if it were an epic adventure quest.

97 The Vase
Rainer Niermann, 7 mins
What it takes to glue a broken vase together.

220 Drink It
Nici Preston, 22 mins
When a woman drinks of a bottle, a demon appears.

69 Fall
BFI Cornerhouse Film Academy, 5 mins
A man struggles to come to terms with the loss of his partner.

109 Flowerman
Rob Burrows, 93 mins
Stalker Nigel abducts Sarah and manipulates reality.

125 Neighbours
Gabrielle Russell, 7 mins
Two flat mates make up stories about their neighbours.

85 Double Portrait
Elizabeta Piekacz, 108 mins
Godardian analysis of the nature of cinema. Recommended by Time Out.

60 Drunken Butterflies
Gary Sykes, 89 mins
Six Newcastle girls go to a life changing Saturday night party.

245 Bonobo
Mark Withers, 103 mins
A couple must evaluate their morals when a seedy but lucrative offer is made to them during the recession.

215 It Is White
Sarmad Yasen, 17 mins
Iraqi woman waiting for a letter from her lover at war.

212 Some Things Mean Something
Dee Meaden, 33 mins
A poem in a greeting card holds a secret, coded message.

230 Memorial
Gideon Blackman, 14 mins
A young writer writes a story about a runaway with Gothic consequences. Inspired by Charles Dickens.

191 Between Two Places
Thomas Edwards, 22 mins
A cast of 10 young people from Sandra Singer Stage School tell a story of friendship and loss.

20 Disorder
Ibrahim Salawu, 11 mins
Misery loves company.

105 Oh Messy Life
jonathan Harrold, 15 mins
Thomas deals with the pressures of growing up.

49 The Greyness Of Autumn
Chris Quick, 14 mins
Comedy about Danny McGuire, an ostrich living in Scotland.

73 The Motherland’s Call
Dermot Daly, 4 mins
A public information film from the Ministry Of Social Harmony.

74 Quality Time
Polly Thomas, 5 mins
An afternoon in the park becomes a battle of wits.

90 The Cost Of Living
David Beazley, 16 mins
Two childhood friends whose lives have taken them down different paths.

108 The Wealth Or Poverty Film
Andrew Sycks, 10 mins
George Belltrop will participate in a game he is bound to lose.

110 Martyr Harry
Gordon Robertson, 24 mins
A black comedy about marriage, missed opportunities, murder, and ice cubes.

139 The Lake
Gabrielle Russell, 13 mins

136 In The Kitchen
Tom Collinson, 6 mins
Two strangers meet in the kitchen at a funeral.

157 I’ll Be Here All Night
Andrew Parkhill, 9 mins
An unpopular pub singer makes a new fan.

163 Our Name Is Michael Morgan
Maurice Caldera, 13 mins
Are we all the same person?

254 Wi Fi Wife
Diana Taylor, 4 mins
A man tries to find a wife on the internet but has a nasty surprise.

187 Do You Love Me
David Spring, 27 mins
An estranged couple must combine forces to escape a sticky situation at bosses wife’s dinner party.

210 Hidden Target
Chris Cunil, 13 mins
Two friends grapple with the nature of trust and truth.

122 Christmas Hear Kids
Chris Purnell, 71 mins
A Taxi driver discovers the lady in his cab is out for revenge against the man who abused her as a child: him!

114 After School Special
Troy L Davis, 21 mins
Elisabeth Richardson is a teenager with amnesia. USA

246 Addict
Geoff Harmer, 92 mins
David Pettigrew is haunted by his feelings for a married employee. He seeks distraction elsewhere.

252 Spooked
Geoff Harmer, 9 mins
A man realizes, at an inopportune time, he may not be as alone as he thinks.

249 Soul Matrix
Geoff Harmer, 8 mins
A man wants to bring his home with him.

248 Room 4
Geoff Harmer, 16 mins
A mission to find an answer to an odd question.

134 Templewood: A Quest For Freedom
Ethan Race, 60 mins
A young man confronts his sexuality against a backdrop of stone circles and pagan rituals.

221 Finding Your True Calling
Nici Preston, 18 mins
A young woman finds herself, in a field.

12 Lifelines
Jane Dyson & Ross Harrison, 20 mins
Juggling responsibilities in the Himalayas.

126 From Runes To Ruins
Thomas Rowsell, 50 mins
A documentary about Anglo-Saxon paganism.

25 When Sally Met Andrea
Vladimir Gruev, 8 mins
Andrea is Andy’s alternative to access his femininity.

76 I Didn’t Mean To Stay
Laurentiu Huianu, 90 mins
“I was born in a land that was my own and ended up on someone elses doorstep” Refugees to UK tell their story.

92 Alchester Project
Sharon Woodward, 15 mins
Army cadets learn Roman stonemasonry.

94 The Oxfordshire Oar Makers
Sharon Woodward, 18
How the craft of making oars has developed since 1932.

218 Black Lightening Dream
Nici Preston, 71 mins
A couple share a supernatural experience over a bottle of moonshine.

78 Apostle’s Manoeuvre
Brian Harley, 17 mins
A teenager and his estranged father mend their relationship.

72 Coda
Dermot Daly, 7 mins
Terry needs to steady his emotion, and soon.

24 Footsteps Above Me
J. Dunstan & D. Tung, 4 mins
Two boys growing up in Nazi Germany are challenged when they discover something in the woods.

14 Revisited
Iqbal Mohammed, 15 mins
A man revisits a house in which demons were born to free his mind from an untold childhood memory.

250 8 Ball
Geoff Harmer, 6 mins
A reluctant conversation on a park bench with a stranger.

201 Life
Maria Ann Hylton, 10 mins
Sarah finally discloses to her beloved father Sean the pact she made with her mother when she was a child.

182 Milkshakes & Memories
David Cave, 7 mins
Could a chance encounter between two old friends signal a new beginning?

123 Civvy Street
Matt Worthington, 5 mins
An old man lies alone in a caravan.

213 Home & Key
Shwan Attoof, 15 mins
Death in a Kurdish family.

214 A Long Lasting Relationship
Awat Namia Agha, 15 mins
Chloe is a fading beauty who wants to find the man of her dreams.

180 Dark Matter
Mol Smith, 84 mins
A mesmerizing puzzle for the audience to resolve.

178 Little Happiness
Nihat Seven, 110 mins
A Turkish girl falls in love with a truck driver below her status.

226 Command-Option-Dump
Jonathan Flint, 5 mins
An elaborate plot to break up with his girlfriend has dire consequences for Mark.

701 The Storm At Yellow Creek
Nathan Hughes-Berry, 23 mins
A reclusive brother and sister take drastic action when their estranged father returns to the family farm.

202 To Hell With Culture
Huw Wahl, 55 mins
Herbert Read was an influential art critic, poet, and anarchist who has a message for contemporary society on the commodification of culture.

264 Something You Can Call Home
Rebecca Kenyon, 75 mins
The face of homelessness is changing. The film explores what’s necessary for emotional survival.

704 The Little Things Remind Me
Alina Gavriclatos, 8 mins
Preview screener.

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