Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

UK Independents

6pm – 10.30pm

Rugged Rock
Francesca Marie, 12 mins
Mockumentary about actors working for a touring company.

I Hate Machines That Bleep At Me
Diana Taylor, 5 mins
Irritation at modern gadgets that bleep.

Jonathan Wolff, 10 mins
A technological alternative to a girlfriend.

Brian Hitton, 9 mins
Paul, a member of a right wing organisation which targets religious groups, has his life changed.

BFI/NFTS Academy Films 2014
BFI Film Academy, 40 mins
Six films made by a group of 66 of the brightest talents of the next generation of film making. Supported by BFI and National Film & Television School.
Dust, Bus Stop, Canned, White Rose, French Cricket, and Wonderous World Of Work.
Introduced by the young film makers and mentor Sola Amoo.

Carl Austin, 10 mins
A rowing couple in a car run over something in the country.

Walter & Goose
Callum Scott-Dyson, 11 mins
A neglected son attempts to get one up on his father- a famous novelist.

Will Herbert, 2 mins
Dave has a proposition for Emma.

Fille Et Flingue
Donald Takeshita-Guy, 81 mins
A girl and a gun is all you need to make a movie – Jean Luc Godard homage featuring a girl driving round the English countryside pretending to be Hank Williams.

Sheridan James Lunt, 60 mins
Could Peregrin’s abstract and all pervading discontent be transformative?

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