Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY


6pm – 10.30pm

Oscar Nobi, 8 mins
A man requires Police assistance.

The Telling Life & Times Of Bongo
Adam Hoare, 11 mins
The rise, fall, and disappearance of one of the country’s most prolific clowns.

Assistants To The Stars
Owyn Stephens, 5 mins

Josh Alward, 6 mins
A man is determined to defeat a mosquito By Whatever Means Necessary.

Karen’s Room

Geoff Harmer, 12 mins
Karen wakes up omne morning to find a stranger sitting at the foot of her bed.

A Fish Called Keith

Steven Dorrington, 3 mins
A young girl’s goldfish keeps dying but there is a twist in this fish’s tail.

Ghetto Fairytale

Francesca Marie, 12 mins
Set in East London, looking inside the mind of a modern day princess.

There Comes A Time

Francesca Marie, 3 mins
A woman’s journey to work on the local bus.

Russell Owen, 6 mins
A double date for a pair of couples that shouldn’t be together.

On Loop

Christine Hooper, 5 mins
Four in the morning, crapped out, yawning.

Broken Record

Andy S. McEwan, 11 mins
Frasier and Tom stumble on a trunk of old records on a house clearance.

2 Plus 1

Paul Surety, 7 mins
A black comedy about a Dominos game in a London pub.

Simon & Simone

Lee Butterly, 3 mins
Simon’s cycle chase to reunite with his lost love doesn’t go the way he planned.

Louis Paxton, 16 mins
Terminator in East London….with hipsters.

Dillon Jones: Former Child Star
Ryan Claffey, 50 mins
A has been former child star produces a fly on the wall documentary that no network is interested in.

Adieu Marx
Chris Orchard, 83 mins
A young doctor in London is thrown out by his girlfriend. He moves in with a group of idealistic young men who are planning the socialist revolution.

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