Portobello Film Festival 2012
Winners, shortlist and
links to selected movies.

Best Film


Casuals (Mick Kelly & Cass Pennant) 75 mins
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZPx5nNsu0g&feature=relmfu Casuals
The legacy of the football Casual phenomenon that swept across cities like Liverpool, Manchester and London during the 1980s. Documentary.


Mark Duggan Untold: Untold (Louis Leeson) 11 mins
The film attempts to explore Mark Duggan’s surroundings and what his world looked like while has was alive. The film follows his sister Paulette who speaks candidly about the riots and Mark’s life. Paulette also witnessed the Broadwater Farm riots. Documentary.

London-Modern Babylon(Julien Temple)100 mins
The master filmmaker trains his eye onto London’s Countercultural past and present featuring many Portobello Film Festival regulars and introduced by Beat Poet Michael Horovitz, soundtrack composer J.C. Carroll and if the legendary Julien Temple himself.

The Beach House (Standen & Stanley) 12 mins
The only hearing child of deaf parents returns home to his estranged younger deaf siblings. Drama.

Times New Roman (Stuart Pound) 1 min. Art.

Audience Award


Robert King and the Angola Three (Hugo Levien) 20 mins
The story of 3 people in prison known as the Angola 3. Between them they have spent over 100 years in solitary confinement for a crime they didn’t commit. Documentary.


Study (Paolo Benetazzo) 100 mins
In the last week before his final exam a psychology student is obsessed by life and death and tortured by the eternal struggle between science and religion. Drama.

Demon Drink (Dominique Uruquhart) 3 mins
A dark voyage into the world of an alcoholic. Animation.

Little Mary Grown (Wayne G Saunders) 62 minutes
What started in bliss turns to disaster having seen her best friend killed by a gang, being abused by her father; this is the beginning of her world turning upside down. Mary’s light turns to darkness as she is forced to make difficult decisions.

I’ve Got Your Money (Tom Ross) 3 mins
Video for Cult Artist The Wood For The Trees starring The Levantes Dance Theatre. Music.

Trollmors Vuggesang (Joe Witney) 4 mins
A dissolute and drunken seaman growls a lullaby to a young lady.Music.

Big Al (Jonathan Ashdown) 3 mins
Three gangsters are forced into burying their best friend or risk finding themselves “sleeping with the fishes”. Comedy.

Best Comedy


Earth Calling Lily (Frank Burke) 8 mins
The initimate recollections of a Shepherds Bush pensioner recall a secret past that journeyed to the heart of the cosmos. “The sweetest, most unique film of 2012” Lovefilm.com. Drama.


Moustache Man Featuring Amy Clowne (Michael Everett) 6 mins
Short film about a man and his love for facial hair who finds love in the form of a facebook stalker. Comedy.

Me Or The Dog (Abnor Pastoll) 14 mins
Dudley says Kelly’s cheating. Dudley says he’ll prove it. Dudley is the dog. Featuring Martin Clunes from TVs Doc Martin. Comedy.

The Gay In The Attic (Simon Conolly) 4 mins
A young man is desperate to bring his girlfriend home despite the dark secret that lurks at the top of the stairs. Comedy.

The Last Pagan (Jan Maroske) 10 mins
Father Aurelius is eager to convert the last pagan in the area. Comedy.

What We Call Cookies (Natalie Hobbs) 2 mins
Exploring various British stereotypes held by Americans played out by motifs that are iconicly American. Comedy.

28 Years Later (Duncan Roe) 3 mins
28 years after a zombie apocalypse, married life is as hard as it’s always been. Comedy.

Best West London Film


The Sprit Of Portobello (Joey Skye) 25 mins
Portobello is more than a road, it is a state of mind. This film captures that and the forces that challenge it. Documentary.


London Stories (Ryan Claffey) 60 mins
The stories of several Londoners from different cultures whose lives are entwined with one another. Drama.

1st and 4Ever (Samein Priester) 17 mins 12A
1st & 4Ever is a personal film which answers the question “Can a man be a good father having learned to be a man from a woman”?

14 Poems of C. F. Cavafy by David Hockney (James Scott) 30 mins
Introduced by the editor  Barney Platts Mills this graceful b&w film, mainly shot in his Powis Terrace flat in 1967 before he found greater fame, follows the young David Hockney as he explains the art of etching and his modus operandi as an artist by way of a series of illustrations of poems by C. P. Cavafy. Art

Best Thriller/Horror


Breakdown Reward (Elias Georgopoulos) 120 mins
Two German contractors are hired to dig for treasure for their employer when things go wrong. A Ritchiesque trawl through a low life underworld of crime lords, underground informers, treasure, cash, thugs and small time crooks.


Learning Hebrew - A Gothsploitation Movie (Louis Joon) 65 mins
Gothic punks go door to door with Darwin’s Origin Of The Species while atheist terrorists blow up trains in this dark, surreal drama set in Jerusalem, Iraq, and Camden town.

Red Kingdom Rising (Navin Dev) 73 mins
A troubled young woman must come to terms with her horrific past as she is propelled through dreams into the terrifying world of the Red Kingdom. Horror.

Blood In (Nathan Hughes-Perry) 11 mins
Nikki is desperate to join an infamous all girl gang. Will she be able to cope?  Drama.

Best Foreign Film


Prora (Stephane Riethauser) 23 mins 15
In the former Nazi holiday camp of Prora, on theBaltic Sea, teenagers Jan and Matthieu embark on an adventure that confronts their identities and puts their friendship at risk. Drama Germany


I Have A Boat (Nathan Nill) 14 mins 12
Piet’s chances of a love life don’t look good: with statistics proving that most couples meet at work, odds are against Piet. Living a fisherman’s life, working on a shrimp cutter with two men. However, an encounter with three blonds gives his love life a twist. Comedy. Germany

House Party (Adrian Sitaru) 18 mins 12A
Neli goes to Buchurst for a few days, while Don, Lee & 1 year old son is left home alone. Drama. Romania.

Trace (Simge Gökbayrak) 20 mins 18
The news about Saddam’s death spread from Istanbul to Iraq via people coming from different socioeconomicand educational backgrounds and having different life perspectives. Drama Turkey

Best Drama


Shades Of Beige (Aimee Powell) 15 mins
Starring Michelle Dockery and Edward Hogg. Jodie and Brian have had a deep bond since infancy but when he is convicted of child abuse their relationship begins to unravel. Drama.


Tandem (Adrian Hume Robinson) 12 mins
Two gay characters find their relationship thrown into turmoil by an unexpected discovery. Drama

Act Of Memory (Jack Ryder) 13 mins
Jack Ryder’s first film as a director is based on the short story by Mary Grace Dembeck. The film is set in England in 1948. The cast includes Claire Skinner, Owen Teale and Anna Massey. Family.

Entwinement (Rob Burrows) 146 mins
Michaela loses her job and her life starts to fall apart leading to a destructive climax. Drama.

Mug (Oliver Lee)2 mins
The con of a con artist. Thriller.

City Of Dreamers (Jamie Patterson) 150 mins
A heartwarming musical set on the streets of Brighton: laughs, romance and rock and roll.

Forget Paris (Christopher Presswell) 77 mins
A romantic New Year’s getaway to Paris descends to a nightmare when a couple’s relationship implodes prior to departure. Drama.

Best Documentary


Behind God’s Back (Ioana Constantinescu)13 mins
In 1999 100,000 gypsies fled ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. Today EU governments are deporting them back to a place that still clearly doesn’t want them. Documentary.


For The Love (Jono Stevens & Jonny Madderson) 26 mins
There’s no room for amateurism in sport, but in 2011 and 2012 Sam Whalley-Cohen, an amateur jockey with a 9-5 job, won the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Documentary.

The Crisis Of Civilisation (Dean Puckett) 77 mins
A remix film about converging global crises and what we can do about it featuring clowns, car crashes, explosions, superheroes and xylophones. Documentary.

docoBANKSY (docoBANKSY) 58 mins
“Who is Banksy”…the identity of the Bristolian art prankster is so far away from being the point anymore that it’s likely to elict nothing more than an eye roll from those in the know.

Serious Drugs – BMX Bandits - Duglas and the Music of BMX Bandits (Jim Burns)93 mins
Shot and produced over four years Serious Drugs frames an affectionate portrait of BMX Bandits founder Duglas Stewart and his mission to save the world and himself one song at a time. Music.

Brian 1949 – 2011 (Paul Wright) 14 mins
Tribute to the legendary Peace Campaigner who lived outside the Houses Of Parliament for almost ten years. Documentary.

Makers Our Story (Amadin Ryan) 2 hours 15 minutes
A feature length documentary about UK independent film industry directed and produced by independent film makers.

Royal Babylon: The Criminal History Of The British Monarchy  (Alan & Margaret Cox) 100 mins
18 short films depicting the crimes of the British monarchy based on the polemical poem by Heathcote Williams Royal Babylon: The Criminal History Of The British Monarchy . “A phenomenal piece of work” Jeremy Hardy. “The poetic radical docu is a really interesting genre and deserves it’s own domain” Mike Figgis.



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