7.00 – 10.00 pm

7.00 pm

Talk presenting the ITALYshortLISTED
concept and guests

White Story.
Dir.: Adel Oberto. U. cert. Two gangsters are lost in the wonderful Tuscan countryside after kidnapping a bride on her wedding day. They decide to kill her, but nothing will go as they planned. Comedy. 9 min.

A Trial on Monday.
Dir.: Giuseppe Blasi. 15 A. Four workers of different nationalities and cultures, working on precarious safety condition, return to work after lunch. Social comedy. 16 min.

Last 21 Days.
Dir.: Marcantonio Lunardi. U. cert. In twenty one days, Italy has seen change its political system. Silvio Berlusconi, after 17 years of government, is forced to resign by international economy. Videoart. 5 min.

Dir.: Angelo e Giuseppe Capasso. 15 A. A married couple in their bedroom. Something unexpected will disturb their connubial place. A brief interpretation of the homonymous poem by Edgar Allan Poe. Suspense.

7.40 pm

Women behind the camera in Italy/RIFF

Dir.: Giusy Buccheri, Elena Mortelliti. U cert. An artist concentrating on her work in her workshop. A privileged observation point of Via Fiesolana, a very ordinary street in the heart of Florence. Documentary. 8 min.

Pretexto Andaluso.
Dir.: Letizia Lamartire. 12 cert. The painful tragedy of a poet from Alhambra in the flashbacks of a magic and bewitched South. Drama. 9 min.

Letter from Madras.
Dir.: Irish Braschi. 12 cert. Drama. Rajeev, an Indian, secretly loves Fadwa, an Arab girl who works in a pizza shop. When Rajeev receives a letter from his parents in Madras, he decides to declare his love to Fadwa, disobeying the wedding arranged by his mother. Drama. 15 min.

Betty Boop.
Dir.: Matteo Scifoni. 15 cert. “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”, according to the first Murphy’s law. For Cocchi, a young employeé, being fired is the first of terrible, nasty, kinky and creepy things that happen to him during one hot summer day in Rome. Comedy. 21 min.

8.40 pm


9.00 pm

Talk comedy

Botton Right.
Dir.: Valerio Groppa. U cert. The meeting between a talkative old man and a young door-to-door Hoover salesman. Comedy. 14min.

Grandma Must Get Dry.
Dir.: Alfredo Covelli. U cert. An old lady who owns a wine factory and fought the Nazis in her youth in 1943, dies. Her sons come back home to read the testament, but find bad news. Comedy. 15 min.

Dir.: Aldo Iuliano. 12 cert. On the altar, at the moment of taking the wedding vows, Gioia finds out that her future husband Marco has a ridiculous middle name: Fulgenzio. Only a miracle could save that “Holy Match”, or possibly… an idea. Comedy. 14 min.

Chasing Bobby.
Dir.: Adel Oberto. U. TV never lies! Or not? Comedy. 14 min.

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