Animation Station and
Virgin Media Shorts


The 25th Dynasty
(Jason Young) 10 mins
We roll back in time to the 7th Century BC when the Kingdom Of Kush ruled Egypt known as the 25th dynasty. Animation.

The Axe Laid To The Root
(Jason Young) 6 mins
1817 England. Expelled from the Anglican Church by criticising their ownership of the Codrington Plantation in Barbados, Robert Wedderburn makes a new life for himself as a non Conformist. Animation.

I Am Tom Moody
(Ainslie Henderson) 7 mins
A surreal trip through the subconscious of a stifled musician as he attempts to sing. Animation.

It’s About Spending Time Together
(Ainslie Henderson) 4 mins
A reflective reconstruction of a moment between myself, my younger brother and my Dad. Animation.

Too Many Ghosts
(Ian Woodward) 15 mins
A commentary on the folly of war told against the backdrop of English composer Sir Edward Elgar, England’s great war poets, and a specially composed verse by the film-maker. Documentary.

The Union Choir: Eleanor
(Jim Martin & Oli Rothwell) 3 mins
A love story between a fisherman and a mermaid unfolds in a charming hand made world. Music.

The Facebook Elf
(Natalie Hobbs & Richard Liverance) 1 min
The distraction that is social media. Animation.

Binary Form
(Christinn Whyte) 3 mins
This makes use of short sequences of improvised movement translated into binary form with each frame animated by means of sequence relicators using programme motion. Animation.

Text Field
(Christinn Whyte) 1 min
A single continuous take of improvised movement translated into an ascii-based animation with the soundtrack generated by a computer reading of the sequence’s final frame. Animation.

The Demon Drink
(Dominique Uruquhart) 3 mins
A dark voyage into the world of an alcoholic. Animation.

Fantoons Chasing The Edge
(David Calcano) 3 mins
A twisted fan decides to go through U2s wild crowd to get the Holy Grail….front row and an autograph from The Edge. Animation.

City Of Dreamers
(Jamie Patterson) 150 mins
A heartwarming musical set on the streets of Brighton: laughs, romance and rock and roll.

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