The Word On The Street


Whatever Happened To Willy Wisp
(Rupert Fergusson) 62 mins
Is there a link between the 1990’s acid revival, the collapse of the “bankng system”, the economic malaise, Tony Blair’s war mongering, the rise of Plan Cameron and the CIA conspiracy to turn on the world? Documentary.

Robert King & The Angola 3
(Hugo Levien) 20 mins
The story of 3 people in prison known as the Angola 3. Between them they have spent over 100 years in solitary confinement for a crime they didn’t commit. Documentary.

Roadworks Media present:
Civil Unrest
(Julien Bernard Grau & Quince Garcia) 6 mins
A flashback to what happened in the streets of Peckham during the riots, capturing the violence and looting that happened. However behind the anarchy it is clear there was an undercurrent of anger and frustration. Documentary.

Mark Duggan: Untold
(Louis Leeson) 11 mins
The film attempts to explore Mark Duggan’s surroundings and what his world looked like while has was alive. The film follows his sister Paulette who speaks candidly about the riots and Mark’s life. Paulette also witnessed the Broadwater Farm riots. Documentary.

Royal Babylon: The Criminal History
Of The British Monarchy

(Alan & Margaret Cox) 100 mins
18 short films depicting the crimes of the British monarchy based on the polemical poem by Heathcote Williams Royal Babylon: The Criminal History Of The British Monarchy . “A phenomenal piece of work” Jeremy Hardy. “The poetic radical docu is a really interesting genre and deserves it’s own domain” Mike Figgis.

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