French Films

1.00 – 6.00 pm

Bin Nutoh, The Painter And The 1000 Poets
Emanuel Plasseraud 49 minutes 12
Portrait of the Japanese painter Bin Nutoh and his major work, 1000 Paintings about the Japanese caro game “Hyakunin Isshu”. Documentary France

La Craie Et La Plume
Lionel Retornaz 12 minutes U An empty, but inhabited, populated class, of sounds, melodies and voices. Stanislas, Ali and Margot speak about books. I am an earthquake is one of the titles. Every child interprets and imagines.
Documentary France

Marcelo Paganini 5 minutes U
At the begin there was a bird. After a while he becomes annoyed and gives birth to an egg/ universe, later he becomes hungry and eats it. Then everything reatarts. Music Videos France

Romain Gresillon 29 minutes U
Mara has a power: he can transfer his mind inside animals’ body. But is this power able to help him to obtain the love of Itzel?
Drama France

La Double Croisee
(The Double Switch)

Jeancharles Atzeni 79 minutes U
Lucies and Kader camcorders meet each others, their images mix together, giving birth to “The Double Switch”, the film of their uprising love story. Comedy France

Happiness ...Promised Land
(Le Bonheur .... Terre Promise
G-VG 12 94

Gerard Cairaschi 12 minutes
The silence of the boat, the silence of the river, the silence of the crossed cities, the silence of the abandoned factories, the silence after the crash of bombs, the silence of death, the silence before disaster. The silence at the approach of the frontier, the passage silencer of the warriors and migrants. The infinite between two shores. Art France

Violet, The Courtesen
David Casals - Nomc 15 minutes
A prostitute is working at night in her usual spot when suddenly she is surprised by a mysterious woman. After the woman explains to the prostitute her desperate situation, she decides to help her to make her dream come true. Drama France


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