Italian Films

6.00 – 11.00 pm

Connect / Disconnect
Pola Wickham & Elisabeth Lodoli 15 minutes U
C/D is a visual exploration of the limits, and freedom found within the limits, of a group of people while working on a painting project. The absence of text focuses attention on the action and the use of extreme close ups and a measured pace intends the viewer to participate in the story. . Art Italy

The Barefoot
Humanity L’umanita Scalza
Americo Melchionda 19 min 12
After 15 years Rosa comes back to Calabria, to the village where she grew up. Her first best friend, Pepe, is a Down Syndrome guy who has waited for her return for years. Now he waiting for her at the harbour. Drama Italy

Mario Aloi 38 minutes U
A family, a salesman, an anti salesman. A flat with 4 faultyu electrical system. A catalogue around the art of selling. Dad just left, mum and daughter are upstairs. The saleman and the anti salesman are in the kitchen, debating about a new energy supply for somebody else’s flat. Comedy Italy

Leave A Message After The Tone
Andrea Monasu 11 minutes U
What David thought Drama Italy

Gloved Dreams
Vincenzo Notaro 50 minutes U
Mario Pisanti is a 32 years old professional boxer from Latina (near Rome). In 2004, at the Olympic games in Athens, his dreams were shattered by a car accident. After four long years, Mario is back in the ring. Documentary France

La Terra Me
(It’s My Land)
Lucio De Candia 23 minutes U
Through interviews to a writter and poet, a farmer, a children and other people from L’Aquia (Italy), the documentary underlines the passion that ties them to their native land and the desire not to abandon it after the devasting earthquake of April 2009 - moreover the constructioin of an ecologiacal and self-made village shows the importance of the bio-architecture regarding the necessity to respect nature. Documentary Italy

Jessica Iapino 32 minutes 12
Five young missionary nuns in a “mission” to complete. While inside a former mental health hospital of Montemario in Rome, there will be waiting for them a young Hungarian begger .. Art Italy 16.9

The Escape
Iacopo Di Girolamo 6 minutes 12A
The escape of a man from his own ciry, Naples, turns into a surreal action, recorded in timeless memory, with only knowledge that no idea is a bad idea. Drama Italy

Grandma Must Get Dry
Alfredo Covelli 15 minutes 12A
An old lady who owns a wine factory and fought the Nazis in her youth, dies. Her sons come back home to read the testament, but find bad news. Comedy Italy

New Order
Marco Rosson 93 minutes 15
2033 A virus wiped out almost 90% of the global population, Doc. Van Hgirgen (Franco Nero) working to find a cure, but discover the variation of magmetic field of the heart. Sc-Fi Drama Italy


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