Spanish Films

1.00 – 11.00 pm

Ana Torres-Alvarez 24 minutes U
Basketball arrived to the UK more than a century ago but still is not as popular as in the rest of Europe. With London 2012 what can Cuoc Deng and his teammates do to fill the arena? Documentary Spain

Iquiero Ir A La Playa!
(I Want To Go To The Beach!)

Ana Torres-Alvarez 4 minutes U Ramses just wants to get fun but he’s not allowed. Documentary Spain

Rfugio 115
Ivan Villamel 8 minutes 12A
March 18, 1938, the population of Barcelona is devastated by the continued indiscriminate bombing of Fascist aviation. The refuges are afraid because something unknown is hidden in the darkness . Drama Spain

La Hora Del 1. 2. 3.
Marco Antonio Robledo 8 minutes 12
Francisco, an old man about 80 years old, is sleeping alone in his bedroom. A noise wakes him up. He gets up worried to discover there is a stranger in his house. Drama Spain

El Sueno Del Pez Cebra
Antonio Morcillo y& Diego Gonzalez 20 mins 12
Ana has suffered a traumatic loss that has left in a profound depression. Thus she will start a voyage inside a world of reminiscence in which she risks being trapped. Hence she decides to break with everything drastically. Drama Spain

Manuel Arija 4 minutes 12
Anthony Alamo has been defrosted for a job interview.
Sc-Fi Drama Spain

Etereo (Ethereal)
Martin Crespo 26 minutes 15
Thriller with fantastic touch that tells the story of a policewoman kidnapped and her complicated search in a maximum time of fifteen minutes ... Ethereal. Thriller Spain

Hunger (Hambre)
Mario De La Torre 9 minutes 15
It’s night and her daugthers are hungry. Drama Spain

Asier Altuna 90 minutes U
Bertsolari is a journey through improvised poetry, silence and art laid bare. The Bertsolari is the improviser of verse sung in the Basque language. The oral tradition has managed to evolve and adapt to the new times.
Art Documentary Spain

Old Spanish Tango
Vieux Tango Espanol

Pablo Rivas 17 minutes U
Benjamin is forty years old and he is in deep trouble. Jobless and full of debts, he moves into Monica’s, his mother, whom he hasn’t seen in years. Not without reason though mother and son get along like cats and dogs... Loud & sticking. Drama Spain

Ensayo De Actores
Actors Me Actors Rehearsal

Jesus Monroy 8 mins U
Pours, wind, cold. A film crew rehearsed the scenes for a movie. Comedy Spain

El Trayecto
Nadia Navarro 11 minutes 12
On this trip, Ana will begin the most important journey, the journey to herself. Drama Spain

Undress Me
(Desviste Me)

Javier Sanz 13 minutes 15
Samuel find out his partner is unfaithful. Eva knows nothing about him, but she goes to look for him because they have something in common: their partners are lovers. Drama Spain

Maria Sosa & Javier Ferreiro 19 minutes 12
Alicia and Eva are two sisters who suffer from Narcolepsy. The two have aseries of dreams in which they receive directions to achieve a goal only known by them. Drama Spain

Alberto Vazquez & Pedro Rivero 13 minutes 12
A terrible industrial accident changes Little Dinki’s life forever. Now Dinki’s fate may ride on the wings of her ecentric friend Birdboy, a misfit lost in his fantasies .... Animation Spain

Juan Jose Zanoletty 4 minutes 12
Smile plays, draws and is happy. Smiling shows his painting, but appears not to like, maybe his pictures have no interest, or televison is more captivating. But smile will not bow so easily, and will push for his paintings from getting the smile they deserve. Smile shows that happiness is a matter of little things, and that there is nothing easier than smile. Animation Spain

Un Mundo de Ciegos
Octavio Failde 9 minutes 18
The young Sara, who has been abused since she was a child, is forced into prostitution by her father. Aware of the degradation to which it is submitted, strives to protect her sister in the world of blind in which we live. Drama Spain

Antonio F. Mateos 14 minutes 18
A chance encounter in the elevator stirs the darkest fantasies of a young writer, who feels himself inelucably drawn to poetry, sex and death.
Drama Spain

Dos Tristes Tres
Antonio Quiroga 6 minutes 12A
Yanajido reaches adulthood. One day, while going to visit her parents, something happens that does´nt make much sense. There seems to be, and there will be adults who have suffered and will suffer “similars situations". Can we stop it? Animation Spain

Ai Guant Tu Bilif
Daniel Valencia Ibanez 5 minutes U
SMITH is a humble pastor with two passions in life: goats (professionallyspeaking) and contact with aliens. In his "Area 51" particular cabin, and withrudimentary methods try to achieve a meeting of the Third Kind ... Is there life on other planets? "The truth is out there? Are there aliens? Escampa"is late? The answer to this, and other Pegunta more in this tragicomic tale of sciencefiction ... AI rural BILIF YOUR GLOVE Animation Spain

( Loop)
Aritz Moreno 3mins 12
A man gets up and prepares coffee. A man gets up and prepares coffee. A man gets up and prepares coffee. Drama Good Spain 16.9

David González 12 minutes 12
Jorge, an ordinary man around forty years of age, sees how the stability of his world is threatened by a series of past events that he believed to be forgotten. Drama Spain

(House on the Lake)
Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia 12 minutes 18 You have been thinking about leaving for years. Look at the photo. Again. You know where it is. A pigsty. Go. Kill him. Don't talk, say nothing. Whiskey. It's midnight. He can't explain it. She can't either. This city is rotten. Where is the life your parents promised you? Thriller Spain

Álvaro Sau 16 minutes U
Farid is thirty-three years old. After years of living on the edge, he left his job at McDonald's where he worked and retired to the desert. In the arid valley of Ryan, far away from Cairo, the revolution, the world, he drives his tractor and prays. Documentary Spain

(Close Friend)
Jose Mari Goenaga 13 minutes 12A
Ekaitz and Roman meet in a hostel during their holidays and promise a lifetime friendship. But something goes wrong. Either their life is too long, or their promise too weak... but now they will have to come to terms with it. Comedy Spain

(Half as Bad)
Sergio Barrejón 15 minutes 18
At dawn, an executive is about to shoot himself in his office. When he is just about to pull the trigger, the unexpected arrival of the cleaning lady interrupts him. The executive can only manage to hide and spy on her. Comedy Spain

Iván Caso 17 minutes 12
Julia has arranged to meet her partner Jaime on a beach, who has left her some cryptic clues. Julia and the children will follow the clues until they get lost in a forest near the beach. During this little odyssey she will show us the fragile link she has with reality, the children and her true nature. Drama Spain

She’s Lost Control
Haritz Zubillaga 11 minutes 15
Don't move… not an inch… don't even blink… Thriller Spain

(Who Lasts Longer)
Gregorio Muro 12 minutes 12 A dangerous children’s' game will disrupt the lives of Ander and his family forever. Animation Spain

2 A
Alfonso Diaz 4 minutes 12
Olga is just the woman Jon needs for his movie. Drama Spain

Letter To Sasha
Javier Reverte & Andoni Jaen 15 minutes U
Fatma, who lives in Asuerd’s refugee camp in the Hamada of the Algerian desert, will listern in TV to news that will give her a great idea ....
Documentary Spain

Liebestraum N 3
Javier Jaeillo 7 minutes 15
Liebestraum N 3 is based on the homonymous musical piece - of the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt (1811 - 1836). Its meaning would be “Dream Of Love”. Rodri and Irene meet fall in love, separate and re-encounter to discover that the dream has died. The story of a dream, the dream of the first love.
Drama Spain

Te Odio I Hate You
Rafa Rojas-Diez 6 minutes U
Sometimes it is not easy to talk about certain things with the one you love the most. There is a very thin line between love and hate. Hate and love are two sides of the same coin. Drama Spain

El Padre
The Father

Patricia Venti 9 minutes 18
Kristine, a 43 year old woman, returns to the basement where her father had her imprisoned for 24 years. The event will bring back painful memories from her past, which will confront her with experiences that she has never successfully overcome. Drama Spain

Victor Suñer 8 minutes U
A man sitting in a coffee makes mental review of all the failures of love. Drama Spain

Ismael Ferrer 7 minutes 12A
Sandra just received a digital camera as a gift. It seems a harmless present until she reviews the pictures she’s taken duringf the night .......
Horror Spain

Le Llamaremos Bobby
Paco Cavero 13 minutes 12A
Antonio and his son, Antonio Jr .., come back from fishing on the day of the son’s birthday. They have an argument because of Antonio Jr.’s wedding plans, but everything changes after a weird incident .. Comedy Spain

Óscar Martín 15 minutes 12A
The tree is a bridge between earth and sky, between human and divine. One who can keep a tree in a bowl, has the immortality assured. So is the art of Bonsai. Drama Spain

Chris Downs 19 minutes 12A
"The Economic Fall" has brought hunger, war and despair to what is left of society. A solitary man in search of work and food, rummages his torn down city, encountering other survivors of the crash. Sc-Fi Drama Spain

Abraham Mestre & Joaquin Alvarez 9 minutes 12A
To Fran and Marta, the link between to spaces can be something difficult to accept. Thriller Spain


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