Spanish Films

6.00 – 11.00 pm

Ainhoa Menendez 16 minutes 12A
In an idylic village, the inhabitants raise hens, knead bread, tend crops... And guard a dark secret. Drama Spain

Guillermo P. Bosch 10 minutes 15
“The perfection in your hand”. An emerging model for advertisements suffers, all of a sudden, a physical defect that drives him into a process of self destruction. A descent into hell around the obsession with looks. Drama Spain

Amargo Porvenir
Rodolfo Herrero 8 minutes 12
Maria thinks, she has found a real love, but she needs to consult a tarotist to make sure that he’s really the perfect one for her... Drama Spain

David Galan 11 minutes 12A
Grasman, the superhero with the deadliest weapons. Lives his adventures defending their city, Margo City, of the dietetic villain Mr.Fibra.
Comedy Spain

Quien Es Florinda Bolkan?

Rubén Torrejón 8 minutes 12
A On holiday in Venice, a young couple try in vain to recapture the spirit of their relationship. Drama Spain

Raul Cerezo 13 minutes 12A
At 8 years old, will, discipline and personality of a child begin to take shape, and the distinction between good and evil starts to be defined. The time to see our wish fulfilled came at last. His wish. Remain silent. You’re invited. Thriller Spain

En La Proxima Estacion

Luis Francisco Pérez 19 minutes 12
Javi wants to have a girlfriend, but he doesn’t find the right girl. One day he finds a planner, and he realices that her owner Could be the woman he is looking for. Comedy Spain

La Boda
The Wedding

Marina Seresesky 12 minutes U
Mirta is Cuban and lives in Madrid. As many others immigrants she works in cleaning industry. Today at six o’clock p.m. her daughter is going to marry. But nothing turns out as she hopes, and to reach the wedding is more difficult than it appeared at first. Drama Spain

La Mirada Perdida
The Missing Looks

Damian Dionisio 11 minutes 12A
Argentina, 1076. Claudio is forced to live with his family in hiding, due to his political ideals. The house in which they live is discovered by the militars. No time to flee, Teresa try to shelter her daughter in a fantasy world to avoid the girl looking at the horror they are about live. Drama Spain

No Se Que Hacer Contigo
I Just Don’t Know What To Do With You

Miguel Campion 14 minutes 12A
A young woman is told her father has died, but she remains indifferent: she hasn’t heard from him since he abandoned the family many years ago. However, upon taking responsibilty for his ashes, she soon realizes she doesn’t quite know what to do with them. Drama Spain

On My Mind
Nacho Solana 9 minutes 12
Marta is fed up with disappointments in love, lies and false appearance. But this time it is going to be different, she has a method to know how are others’ intentions at first sight. Drama Spain

Virgina Illera 11 minutes 12A
Loneliness is a feeling, a state of mind, with many questions and little answers. Drama Spain


Juan Montes De Oca 19 minutes 12
In Palma de Mallorca, through 5 years old kid innocence, and common life coincidences, an Afro-American homeless remember his non-sense life going back 45 years in New York. Alltogether makes his life change to find at last the way to happiness. Animation Spain

Abrazos Gratis
Free Hugs

Carlos A. Sambricio 19 minutes 12
Natalia is going through a hard time due to her long unemployment and a recent break-up. Hers is one of those stories from the economic crisis. Her friend Bea encourages gher to experience the “Free HUgs”, initiatives where a group of people gather just for the sake of giving hugs to anyone that wants them. The aim is to offer affection and warmth to fight against pessimism and loneliness. Is there a way out in the menacing big city? Drama Spain

El Despegue Del Trimotor
The Launch Of The Trimotor

Enrique De Tomas 18 minutes 12
After the arrival of a sofa at home. Eleanor’s mind begins to ramble. For a hyperactive and bossy girl everythin has to have an explanation, and if it doesn’t, she resorts to inventing ... Drama Spain

Rio Arriba
Up River

Jorge M. Rodrigo 20 minutes 12A
“I know this line of work enough to not confuse justice with truth”. Pixelating at the end. Animation Spain

Aunque Todo Vaya Mal
Even If Everything Goes Wrong

Cristina Alcazar 18 minutes U
A normal couple, Juan and Emila, are having a little problem: since a few days, Juan doesn’t speak. Absolutely everything, he says ois singing. What first was kind of fun ends up being a real problem for their relationship.
Drama Spain

El Espanto

J. J. Marcos 16 minutes 18
Alvaro Torres is a normal guy that unexpectedly beset by terrible nightmares and hallucinations, with appalling creatures that will take him to the limit of the madness. He will have to fight, so as not to lose his mind, against something horrible that could be more real than it seems. Only played on the computer.
Comedy Horror Spain

David Pareja 6 minutes U
It’s not enough to want it. Drama Spain

Donde Quedo La Belleza?
Where’ Beauty?

Enrique Cerrejon 9 minutes U
In a contempoary art museum, a sculpture engages in a discussion about whether they are “art” and deserve to be recognized as such. Animation Spain

Red-Haired / Black
Alfonso Diaz & Luis Angel Perez 4 minutes
For some experts in human genetics, the event is extraordiaire. Case like this happens between one in a million of births Francisco Jose is the melan”ins lost link. Mock-Documentary Spain


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