Having A Laugh.
London Contemporary


The Moustache Man Featuring Amy Clowne
(Michael Everett) 6 mins
Short film about a man and his love for facial hair who finds love in the form of a facebook stalker. Comedy.

Secret Trace Of Desire
(Paul Butler) 4 mins

The Actor Pretends
(Jonathan Wolff) 11 mins
A group of aspiring young actors take part in an acting class led by the great Vladimir Chelkholovski. Comedy.

The Lunt
(Tim James) 15 mins
A Roman soldier finds himself a victim of a magic potion transporting him to modern day Coventry. Comedy.

Busker Bout
(Richard Pask) 9 mins
Two homeless buskers attempt to serenade the streets in a vain attempt to give the people what they want. Comedy.

Hadley TK – 421
(Jonathan Reid-Edwards) 18 mins
A black comedy set in the 60s showing how far some of us will go to get even. Comedy.

(Can’t) Drive
(Matthew Bartlett & James Kermack) 1 min
Spoof of the popular film Drive. Comedy.

Killer Bonus
(Reza Riazi) 17 mins
An office executive has to make £2million pounds in cutbacks. Unable to fire people due to strict labour laws she has to come up with another way to achieve her corporate targets. Comedy.

Me Or The Dog
(Abnor Pastoll) 14 mins
Dudley says Kelly’s cheating. Dudley says he’ll prove it. Dudley is the dog. Featuring Martin Clunes from TVs Doc Martin. Comedy.

Lonely Lights

(Richard Oldfield) 14 mins
Girl breaks up with boyfriend and befriends lamppost that speaks in morse code. Code.

The Kings Of Calamity
(Paul Bruce) 16 mins
Johnny & Archie are rivals for the Health & Safety managers position. Johnny has a desperate plan and blood will be spilled. Comedy.

Big Al
(Jonathan Ashdown) 3 mins
Three gangsters are forced into burying their best friend or risk finding themselves “sleeping with the fishes”. Comedy.

Happy Birthday Jim
(Giles Ripley) 6 mins
Ed calls birthday boy Jim on secret loudspeaker and tells him his party has been cancelled. Comedy.

Losing It
(Colin Moody) 15 mins
Where do all the lost things go? Comedy.

(Jade Carmen) 9 mins
Moscow, an African Grey Parrot and master of mimicry, snitches on her owners philandering boyfriend. Comedy.

(Dermot Canterbury) 7 mins
Vile waitress Denise gets her comeuppance in the most unexpected of ways. Comedy.

Dead Frequency
(Rob Burrows) 80 mins
A vampire clan has assimilated into society. Some work at a radio station, others in a hospital. Plagued by relationship and alcohol problems, they try to avoid government agents. Comedy.

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