Horror: Be Very Afraid


The Secret
(Andrew Leckonby) 18 mins
A terrified stranger arrives at a deserted bar. He joins the only drinker and asks if he wants to know a secret. Horror.

Dystopia Street
(David Cave) 11 mins
Lost in a nightmare world a man must unravel the mystery of his plight. Horror.

The Chateau
(David “Dwyze” Wayman) 9 mins
Are strange things happening to Isabelle or is her mind playing tricks on her. Horror.

We Are What We Eat
(Sam Toller) 11 mins
Nicole is bitten by her zombie boyfriend…..or is she? Horror.

The Cottage
(Christopher Lewis Cook) 15 mins
An unsettling tale about loss, isolation, attachment and moving on. Horror.

28 Years Later
(Duncan Roe) 3 mins
28 years after a zombie apocalypse, married life is as hard as it’s always been. Comedy.

A Better Yesterday
(John Webster) 10 mins
Post natal psychosis experienced through the dying final thoughts of a young mother. Horror.

Puppy Dogs Tales
(James Atkins) 7 mins
A backpackers stay at an East End house has unpleasant results. Horror.

(Francesca Castelbuono) 12 mins
Adoration turns to obsession, even after death. Horror.

Red Kingdom Rising
(Navin Dev) 73 mins
A troubled young woman must come to terms with her horrific past as she is propelled through dreams into the terrifying world of the Red Kingdom. Horror.

Learning Hebrew- A Gothsploitation Movie
(Louis Joon) 65 mins
Gothic punks go door to door with Darwin’s Origin Of The Species while atheist terrorists blow up trains in this dark, surreal drama set in Jerusalem, Iraq, and Camden town.

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