British & USA
State Of The Movie Art

6.00 – 11.00 pm

Rhys Byfield 4 minutes
A young Mexican world traveler is shot into an ambitious chase with a creature three times his size. Animation Britain

Botanical Nightmare
Thomas Lucas 4 minutes
A Civilian science vessel discovers an organic life form on an uncharted planet and decides to investigate the mysterious creature. Excited by the discovery, the team fails to realize the deadly potential of such a creature. Animation Britain

Day 83
Joe O’ Conner & Aled Matthews 3 minutes
An animated /VFX short sc-fi film follows an ordinary soldier during a losing battle for earth against a relentless and merciless alien force. The solier makes a last ditch effort to change the tide of the war as he fights for his life.
Animation Britain

Bubble Gum Girl
Darren Findlay 3 minutes
After being kidnapped and experimented on by an evil corporation, “the Bubblegum Girl” makes her escape, but is pursued by a variety of henchmen sent by the Big Bad Boss of the corporation. Not wanting to run forever, the Bubblegum Girl decides to face the Big Bad Boss himself. Animation Britain

Music Video
Louise Beer 4 minutes
A craetive organic idea to combine visually experimental and rhythmic stop-motion animation with a tribal inspired and emotive composition. This animation will take you on a journey through sound, with colours, shapes and textures building up the sonic landscape. Animation Britain

Little Samurai
Sarah Davis 4 minutes
Little Samurai is the opening adventure of a Samurai and his steed and camanion, Yuu, goose with attitude. After a diffcult start, Little Samurai and Yuu form a friendship and partnership that will lead them both into trouble and adventure. Animation Britain

Love At First Sight
Mark Playne 14 minutes U
A heart warming story of a lonely young man’s increasingly creative attempts to attact the attention of the girl of his dreams. Drama London, England

Leopold Dewolf 4 minutes 12A
Two guys in a car and one million dollars in a bag. One of them wonders how he’s going tp steal it all from his lover. A road trip starts ... Animation London, England

Under A Vest
Kal Bonner 6 minutes 12
As darkness falls across the city, a blonde with a gun investigates a noise - but all is not what it seems .... Comedy Britain

Thom Munden 2 minutes U
Desperate for adventure a curious chicken ventures tothe city to explore a strange new world beyond it’s farm. Drama Britain

Riot From Wrong
Teddy Nygh 62 minutes 15
August 2011. 4th day of the London riots. 14 passionate young people unite. Join them in their search for solutions, exploring causes. Featuring exclusive interviews with young and old, victims, looters, politicians, Met Police, journalists, activists plus exclusive riot footage and unparalleled access to Mark Duggan's friends and family.  Feature Length Documentaries London, England

Non Compos Mentis: or Jerry Powell
& The Delusion Of Grandeur.

Mike Cuenca 110 minutes 15
Mike Cuenca’s second feature chronicles vignettes based around Jerry Powell (Joey Halter), a low-level thief with memory distrust syndrome. On the edges of sanity, Powell finds himself chased by a gang of criminals as he attempts to deliver a mysterious package for a known money-launderer. Comedy USA

55 Tributes - Pulse
G-k 12 65 minutes


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