Great Western Studios
65 Alfred Road, W2 5EU

Art, Fashion & Architecture

6:30 - 10:30 PM

In Memory Of A Free Festival
(Lizzy Piffany) 36 mins A gathering of locals in the hippy suburb of Moseley, Birmingham, proves you don't need big names and corporate sponsors to maske a Festival.

'Written in the sand'
A film, hats and a journey around Qatar by Pip Hackett - Director James Erskine. Duration: 45 mins
Through new eyes Pip Hackett examines the heritage of the
country. Everything from the multifaceted sky-line to ancient archi- tecture was inspiration for her new range of hats which graced
catwalks all over the world.Pip sees each hat as a ‘walking work of art’. This film and the hat collection is a tribute to Qatar and a way of life.

9:00 PM

A Brief History Of The Arcola Cinema 60 mins TBC


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