International Shorts
London Film Makers Convention.

6.00 – 11.00 pm

Jouko Kallio 9 minutes 12
Old woman is lonely. One day, a radio program tells that anyone can become a carer person for a ward. Old woman decides to have her very own ward. Comedy. Finland

Interventions - The Mortal Shell Of Man
Tero Saikkonen 5 minutes 12A
Inside of an illegal fighting ring a competitor receives a physical hurtle which becomes his psychic barrier. Music Videos Finland

In Me
Juni Vaara 15 minutes 15
In Me is a psychological drama about an obsessed man who has encased himself in to his apartment as he has encased himself in to his mind. This is a story about a man getting on the edge as denying the truth, it is a struggle against man himself. Drama Finland

The Inspector
Timo Kuronen 4 minutes U
The man is watcjing a television. Someone is knocking the door. A short fiction with a twist. Comedy Finland

Serious Stuff For The Runners
Joonas Makkonen 8 minutes 12
A boy is trying to learn how to become a long distance runner, with a help of a village idiot. Drama Finland

Tasos Giapoutzis 4 minutes 12
In a world full of hypocrisy, “Everybody” seems to look for a specific “friend”. Drama Greece

Tasos Giapoutzis 5 minutes 12A
Oneiro is a surrealistic piece of art surrounding dark imaginings driven by unconscious wish fulfilment of a man struglling to escape his failed love. Drama Greece

Why Is He Wearing A Balaclava?
Tasos Giapoutzis 8 minutes 12
Athens, Greece. After the last riots and combats between hooligans and police officers, George, who serves in the reinstatment of order unit, is giving an interview trying to improve the image of the police to the public. Drama Greece

Joonas Makkonen 9 minutes 12
A boy next door have a crush for the girl next door, the boy got the girl’s dog to take for a short time, well ... The boy screws the whole thing. “Peto” is a dark romantic comedy, placed in the 90’s. Comedy Finland

Quiet You
Joonas Makkonen 7 minutes 12A
A dark comedy about an exceptional man. A nurse says that the man needs to take care of himself, but the man thinks he can manage by himself just fine. Comedy Finland

Love Between Storeys
Tom Norrgrann & Nils-Erik Ekblom 30 minutes U
Love between storeys is a heart warming story about an odd coupl - career-driven Adam and unemployed rock chick Jenny, who get stuck in a lift during a chaatic morning in Central London. Comedy Finland

Come What May
Mathieu Berger & Maxime Feyers 16 minutes U
Paul’s life is turned upside down after a call from his wife.
Drama Belgium

Einmalg, wie immer
Saladim Dellers 5 minutes 12A
All the traditions seem to be still normal, at the family christmas, for though the family father died a few days ago. All family members try to conceal those unhappiness and stress under the seemingly beautiful and glittering christmas atmosphere, until it escalates. Comedy Switzerland

Himmelbank (Heaven’s Waiting Room)
Elias Dellers & Saladin Dellers 4 minutes 12A
Where people go, which dyed too early? A short film about the place, where different people meet - to await. Comedy Switzerland

Act 1 Scene 1
Hans Montelius 13 minutes 12A A director and playwright battles his inner demons of jealousy as he tries to write a play for his girlfriend and his brother. Drama Sweden

Felin Heli: Hefin And Als
Chris Daykin 4 minutes 12
I was thinking of naming the film after all the people in it. But, then the title would take up all thje sppace. Instead, I hope the enjoyment, found in recollecting care free moments and expression is reflected in my animated sketches. The film is a collection of feelongs and expression of feeling, which I hope depict an equivilant freedom and wreckless abandon. Animation Sri-Lanka

Chefu’ House Party
Adrian Sitaru 18 minutes 12A
Neli goes to Buchurst for a few days, while Don, Lee & 1 year old sow is left home alone. Drama Romania 16.9

377 Regresie
Rob Pupa 13 minutes 12 Need synopsis. Drama Romania

Dan Sachar 35 minutes 12
The abstract story about a lone survivor lost in a dying world. A man struggles to connect pieces from his daily scavenging routine and bits from his repressed memory. When a woman appears in his desolate forest world, she’s intent on making him face his past and cosequent fate.
Sc-Fi Drama Israel

Driving School
Emi Mazwikiewia 13 minutes U
Three sisters. A car. A burn. Two older learn how to drive the youngest one. Under the veil of teaching they start competing with each other.
Drama Poland

Stop Blaming The Ice Berg
Rune Eriksson & Erik Eriksson 1 minute 12
A new theory emerges 100 years after the Titanic tragedy.
Animation Norway

An Tadh (Luck)
Colm Bairead 20 minutes 12
One seemingly ordinary day will forever change the fortunes of three young boys in a Eonngmara coastal community. (In Irish, with English sub-titles.) Drama Ireland

Tomas O Sullivan 12 minutes 12
A young boy, concerned for the welfare of a donkey, gets himself into dangerous waters. (In Irish, with English sub-titles.) Drama Ireland

The Tribal Shield
An Sgiath Nan Trevbh Ro Goodwin 5 minutes U
Seonais sits in front of a camera in Inverness, the highlands and gives the history of her uncles Aboriginal shield. (In Irish, with English sub-titles.) Fictional Documentaries Ireland

The Garden
Alec Moore 4 minutes U A grandmother explaining life and death to a young girl in a fairytale narration. Drama Ireland

Red Amber Green
Christopher Byfield 18 minutes 12
Red Amber Green depicts the lives of three Jamaican teenage boys struggling to make ends meet on the difficult streets of Kingston, Jamaica.
Drama Jamaica

The Girl And The Spanish Boy
Danelle Eliav 6 minutes 12A
This is the story of a sweet bird of a Girl who falls in love with a Spanish boy. Theirs was a beautiful love until a twist of fate forces the Girl to start anew. Drama Canada

Greg Jackson 3 minutes U
10 x 10 RBC award winning music video for Mo Kenney’s Eden. Music Videos Canada

Halloween 1977
Greg Jackson 3 minutes 12
A blending of melted frames of 35 mm & 8 mm. Art Canada

Goodbye Robot Army
Greg Jackson 8 minutes
Dr. Strand plot revenger against the united Science League, the organization responisible for the death of his wife, Emily.
Sc-Fi Drama Canada

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