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Tuesday 30 November (7pm-11pm)
The Paradise, 19 Kilburn Lane, London W10

SciFi, Fantasy & Horror


Globs II They Come Back
(Paris Texas) 10 mins
A man, a weapon...could it stop Globs? Nobody knows. From Italy. Makes Ed Wood look like Steven Speilberg. 15

Claustrofomia (Brian Griffin)18 mins
A quest for the Holy Grail that take you on a journey of destiny, from the legendary Brian Griffin.15

Stanley (Suzie Templeton) 10 mins
A man falls in love with a cabbage, has sexual fantasies about it and finally kills his wife to keep it alive. 15

Night Off Of The Living Dead (Richard Matthews) 30 mins
Jeremy Frantz is a member of the living dead, the butt of society's narrow-minded prejudice, unable to hold down a job due to his putrid, decomposing body. Feared due to his craving for human brains. 18


Bondi Hophead Zombie Freakout
(Kent Boswell) 5 mins
Two young men accept some blue marijuana totally unaware of the side effects that await them.15

Demoniac (Stefan Archetti) 20 mins
Ambitious young actor Roman Hendricks moves into a prestigious apartment block in central London. At first his neighbours seem friendly and caring...but things are not what they appear to be. another part of the country, a devil cult leader (Dave Courtney) with only one week to live, has escaped from prison after serving 26 years for the ritual killings of 12 babies. What dark secrets connect the two stories? 18

Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (The Hughes Brothers) 15 mins
Country bumpkin Ardol O'Hanlon must save sleepy Ulster farming community from flying saucer attack. Magnificent satire on black and white 50s scifi. U

The Affectionate Punch (Thor Adam Goodall) 5 mins
On a dark and stormy night Mr Punch continues with his horrific little plan. Moody animation from East Anglia.15


The Adventures Of Diana Delusion
(Ian Gamble) 10 mins
Leatherclad cyberpunk babes battle evil in hyperspace. 12

Alien Invasion (Hank Perlman & Hung Ryman) 5 mins
An important meeting takes place in an alien board room to discuss the proposed takeover of earth. Ultimately they decide not to proceed because the planet is in such a mess. 12

Hard Liquor (Armin Faul) 5 mins
The bro finally meets his adored green haired girl in the little ghost town. More mad scifi animation. U

The Darkside (Shane Sheils) 5 mins
A faceless city where former office workers prowl, zombie-like the deserted streets. 15

The Beloved (Sarita Siegel) 15 mins
A young woman is stopped by a fruit seller and is taken into a backroom where his wife has lain for forty years. From the short story by Leonora Carrington. 15

Arachnid (Stuart Rideout) 1 min
Man and his own fears for spiders.15

Terminator 2 The Musical (Marcus Daborn) 15 mins
Musical comedy version of Terminator 2 - Judgement Day from local pranksters The Pinkypoos Experience. 12

Hello, Friend (Graham Linehan) 10 mins
Hello, Friend charts the sinister workings of a piece of computer software called Primus which appears to have a mind of its own. Directed by the creator of Father Ted. 15


Gimme Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment At Midnite
(Midge Devitt & Cliff Homow) 5 mins
The nutty professor, Stig Honda, has a sad, mad, bad, dream of Frankenstein proportions, and with the involuntary assistance of hunched henchman Phil Smegma, embarks on a mission to create the disc0punk sensation Gabba by fusing together the sweet melodies of Abba and the raw punk energy of The Ramones. 12

Bikini Bandits and The Time Machine (Steve Grasse) 10 mins
Go way back in time with the Bandits as they go toe to toe with George Washington and Ben Franklin. 15

Panic (Chi Yu) 13 mins
A short experimental film about psychosis, dreams, confusion, anxiety, despair, and schizophrenia. Not for those of a nervous disposition.

Hubris (Natasha Tilley) 15 mins
Oscar and Louis, two eccentric bored young aristocratic lovers, hold a drug and sex-fuelled orgy at their mansion. Searching for further thrills and a deeper meaning Louis convinces Oscar to go grave robbing. In a dark twist of fate and dimensions of time, they uncover more than they bargained for. 18

The Tail (Andy Shelley) 5 mins
In a world where everyone has a tail, one man loses his and struggles for acceptance and self-esteem. U

Sleepwalking (Dominique Golden) 5 mins
Sleepwalking features a young woman embarking upon a strange nighttime journey, in which the actresses hair becomes spiders legs and her sleeping body is dragged around the house. 15


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