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Sunday 12 December (2pm-12pm)
Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10

Grand Finale Portobello Winter
Film Festival 2004


Inside The Circle
(Jaap Mees) 55 mins
A special treat for fans of Irish music. Documentary on leading Irish traditional music festival: Willie Clancy. Features internationally acclaimed musicians like Martin Hayes (fiddle), Paddy Keenon (pipes), Noel Hill (concertina) and great talent Zoe Conty (fiddle). U

Aeroplane Man (Alison Murray) 5 mins
Devised and choreographed by Jonzi D and directed by Alison Murray, Aeroplane Man follows Jonzi, after an encounter with a racist in East London, on a quest to find a place to belong. He visits Grenada, his Father's birthplace, Jamaica īthe coolest black', America īmaking it' and Africa, the spiritual Motherland. Jonzi's impersonations are full of affection for his fellow man whilst capturing the sting of rejection offered to him in each place. 15


Derek Jarman: Life As Art
(Andy Kimpton-Nye) 60 mins
Derek Jarman's friends, family and closest collaborators pay tribute to his unique spirit and talent as a film-maker. We may never see the likes of him again as the British film establishment pursues the safety of genre-success and the yankee dollar. Featuring Tilda Swinton, Simon Fisher Turner, James Mackay and Chris Hobbs. 15


Cuba Libre
(Juan Gerard) 120 mins
Starring Harvey Keitel and Gael Garcia Bernal, the story of the Cuban Revolution seen through the eyes of a young boy. Epic in scope and charming in detail, Cuba Libre recalls the narrative styles of Tolstoy and Marquez. 15


Three-Minute Stories
(Fernanda Trias) 23 mins
At the age of 70 Jaime and Eddie became something they never dreamt about: professional tango singers. U

The Fish In The Machine (Stuart Pond) 10 mins
The last in a short trilogy, a yellow puffer fish caught inescapably in some metaphorical world of mirrors. U

Choices (Wilf Macdonald & Nick Marq) 35 mins
Teenage girl meets teenage boy. Girl gets pregnant. Shit hits fan. A Shepherds Bush saga. 15


Did You Ever
(Justin Leonard Stauber) 30 mins
The Californian desert, somewhere between Death Valley and Los Angeles. A road movie with ploys and fantasies, arm-wrestling, one-upmanship, many twists and a couple of surprises. 18

Chasing Jordan (Jarga Jordan & Arn-Henrik Blomqvist) 30 mins
Young people crushed between a brilliant future and heavy drugs. When Mary-Ann's best friend Tessi enters, the evening is definitely destroyed and turns more and more nasty. 18


The Entrance
(Pieter De Buysser) 15 mins
A short film full of princely behaviour, presents and generous gestures.18

Victim (Corrie Jones) 13 mins
Victim is a young woman's empowering struggle of hope for survival as she lives through the nightmare of every woman's darkest fears. Based on the powerfully evocative and intimately haunting spoken word poem by Nicole Blackman, this disturbing story begins when the Victim awakens to discover herself trapped and bound in the suffocating blackness of a car trunk. 15

(Simon Dennis) 10 mins
Iota is the powerful story of loss and rediscovered communication within a remote and voiceless family. 12

The End
(Jose Luis Motesinos) 20 mins
Manuel is a man obsessed by Death. All his life bored depressed people with lots of problems have surrounded him. At a certain point in his life he decides that he can combine his obsession with his surroundings. He starts to earn a living as a writer of suicide notes. 18


Up The Hill Backwards
(R Mann & J Pharaoh) 10 mins
The Cafe is a hive of energy and activity where anyone who is anyone goes to be seen. At any one time you need to be seen to be gossiping, talking business, checking people out and of course, drinking wine. Enter Chalie who happens to catch the eyes of Nadine. 12

Polish Your Shoes (Sam Huntley) 13 mins
Six London born brothers and sisters recall memories of their dead dad.Documentary. 15

True Love Is Just Films (Bernd Lutzeler) 15 minutes
Hallucinatory love story set on the streets of Bombay. 12

Cash Flow (Shaun Andrews) 13 mins
Where does your money go? Following an everyman's ATM deposit into the underbelly of a multi-billion dollar financial institution where minions sort through the transactions in a low tech sweatshop. 15


Immortal Coil
(Andrew Purcell) 8 mins
In the distant future, when the human race is long extinct, 2 species of machine fight a pre-programmed battle for the eternal life. 15

The Pawn (Thomas & Joel Moser) 10 mins
Unable to cope after the death of her embedded journalist husband in Iraq, a widow sells her faith and her soul to a surreal pawnshop in the ultimate attempt to escape her grief. 15

The Barracudas: Surfers are Back-25 Anniversary (John Wheeler & Geoff Mann) 35 mins
The Barracudas-legends of the late 1970s/early 80s Surf Punk era-recently reformed to celebrate their 25th -Anniversary. The reunion and the film were produced by PFF Subscription meister Mr Geoffrey Mann. U

In The Courtyard

From Bollywood To Lollywood
(Aki Nawaz) 90 mins
Selected by Aki from local band Fun Da Mental, a charming and often hilarious parade of musical Bollywood clips from the 40s to the present day. A crash course in the most vibrant Cinema Culture of the 20th Century. Not to be missed by anyone with an interest in World Cinema. U

Programme subject to change.


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