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Friday 10 December (6pm-12pm)
Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10

Portobello Film Festival 2004
Award Winners

Best Script 2004-Sponsored by JVC

Rifts (Vicki Psorias)
15 mins
It is thirty years since the political events of 1974 in Cyprus but for two London immigrant kebab shop owners - one Turkish Cypriot, one Greek Cypriot- the war has only just begun. 12

Most Popular Film 2004-Supported by Cyberlink

Gold (Rachel Davies)
10 mins
A surreal world based in the everyday reality of suburban London. An experimental dance film. Two young gymnasts dance in their local gym. The film evokes the promise of freedom and power of adrenaline of the early teenage years. U


Best Film 2004-Sponsored by JVC

The Great Dance-A Hunter's Story
(James Hersov) 75 mins
Nqate is a hunter. His home is the Kalahari. His people depend on him for their survival. The Great Dance-A Hunter's Story is his story, told in his words.U


Best Documentary 2004-Supported by Cyberlink

Roaring Lion-The Rise Of Rastafari (Ishmahil)
60 mins
The untold story of the Rastafarian movement's genesis and struggles for social and cultural recognition.U

Best Animation 2004-Supported by Cyberlink

What Barry Says (Simon Robson)
3 mins
What Barry says is an un-compromising examination of US foreign policy. Barry, our commentator, delivers arguments which are as frightening as they are credible. Barry defies us to call this a conspiracy theory. Animation ranges across the arguments giving visual form and resonance to the dialogue. The style throws graphic metaphors back at the powers who have long used propaganda cinema for their own ends.12


Best Comedy 2004-Supported by Cyberlink

Holly Bolly (Dishad Husain)
13 mins
Two young film makers are forced to make the ultimate cross-genre film. 15


Special Independent Film Award-
Supported by GuestHouse West

Vandriver (Martin Wilkinson)
15 mins
Vandriver is the story of an average day in the life of delivery man, Dave. We follow him on his round as he gets into road-rage scrapes, rows with his boss, and gets lost in sexual fantasies . All the while he bores us rigid with his Philosophy Of LifeÓ.


Best Director-Sponsored by JVC

The Plague (Greg Hall)
120 mins
Life on the streets for Britain's multicultural inner city urban kids: parental and peer pressure, sex, drugs and pirate radio stations. Winner of many awards. This is The Director's Cut. 15


Best Cinematography-Sponsored by JVC

Reflections (Ivan Kavanagh)
70 mins
The disintegration of a Dublin family. Hard hitting dysfunctional dance of abuse and death. Not recommended for those of a nervous disposition. 18

The 2004 Awards Ceremony was held at The Electric Cinema, hosted by Colin Salmon, on August 24. Thanks also to Seriously Vodka for the personalised bottles that came with the awards.



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