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Wednesday 8 December (7pm-11pm)
The Paradise, 19 Kilburn Lane, London W10

You Must Be Joking/Comedy Night


Hammerman (Andy Shelley) 7 min
A talentless man tries to get into show business. He has hit the perfect act: Hammerman. PG

Granpa (Andy Shelley) 5 mins
An isolated pensioner uses a dramatic ploy to gain family attention.U
Go! Go! Spankettes (D. Takeshita-Guy) 21 mins
A search for magic knickers by and all girl rock and roll band! 18

Fill Her Up (Mark Denton) 1 min
About a man who really, really likes his car.15

Wise Words (Karen Young) 2 mins
A master is dismayed by a blundering student in this twisted take on the gentle art of tai chi.12

Concrete Enema (Gimpo) 3 mins
A performance artist has concrete poured down their arse.18

Loops (Tucker Davila Wood)15 mins
Felix attempts to ride around a traffic roundabout 5700 times in less than 24 hours.15

Donde Es Dios (Oliver Ledwith)5 mins
Two young boys in Spain can't help getting in trouble. The local priest decides to teach them a lesson.12


Sixth Sense -The Musical
(Marcus Daborn) 25 minutes
A spoof comedy musical version of The Sixth Sense by the wonderful Pinkypoos Experience. 15

Hideous Man (John Malkovich) 15 mins
Deleriant black comedy from the master of the absurd, with costume designs by Bella Freud. Beat poet groupies go hysterical at imminent arrival of hero, with top supermodels and actresses. Shot locally. 15

Dick & Maria (Mark Limburg)10 mins
Dick has been lying in a coma for 19 years. He finds a unique way to communicate with his new nurse.18

Mad (Jonathan Glazer) 5 mins
Spoof interview with irritating rock star played by Dennis Pennis. 12


The Art Of The Critic
(Dom Shaw) 10 mins
A drunken critic sabotages the launch of a new art movement. 18

Sideburns (Lawrence Pearce) 10 mins
A man struggles to control his sideburns. 15
Punchdrunk Films Showcase

(David Fisher) 2 minutes
A macabre twist on the Jackanory format. 15

Toon Army (Paul McAleavey & Carey Williams) 2 mins
Toon Army supporters for hire. 12

Castaway (Nick Lewis) 5 mins
A shipwrecked man is stranded in an alien land. 15

6 For 5(Paul McAleavey) 1 min
Spoof advert for Stella Artois 6 cans for 5 pounds' offer. 12

Superstar (Ian Harland) 2 mins
An alternative music video for an abysmal dance track. 12

Cowboys (Paul McAleavey) 2 mins
A group of cowboys warm up for their biggest match of the season. 15

Did I Do Wrong? (Paul McAleavey) 2 mins
A short film about an odd encounter between two men on a beach. 12

Eastenders (Paul McAleavey)1 min
A spoof based on the Eastenders trailers.15

The Fastest Man In The World (Richard Francois) 13 mins
A young athlete leaves her trainer the day before an important championship. 12

Roboclaus (Robert Johnston) 12 mins
When Santa is replaced by a robot the implications for the people of Leicester are far greater than anyone imagined.


Northern Soul
(Shane Meadows) 25 mins
Northern Soul tells the story of Mark Sherbert. A lonely young man who is obsessed with British wrestling. His dream is to become a professional wrestler and compete against his heroes on the British wrestling scene. There is only one problem, he weighs nine stone and has a pain threshold of a small child. 12

Post (Phil Traill) 10 mins
Post is about the office loser who goes outside for a fag and finds himself leaning against a magic lamp-post. U

Day Of Reckoning (Liam Gavin) 8 mins
Early comedy from director of Best Film PFF 2003. 12
Retired To A Life Of Crime (Sigg-Rosen Rawlings) 13 mins
The story focuses on the plight of the elderly in a world where committing crime is a means of survival! 12

Cleaner (Jemima Burrill) 7 mins
Being a cleaner can sometimes be a real drag.15

Podge (Gideon Rigal) 7 minutes
Podge is a love story between an ambitious bird and a stupid melon shaped pig. Can they overcome life's nasty hurdles before the film ends? 12


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