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Tuesday 7 December (7pm-11pm)
The Paradise, 19 Kilburn Lane, London W10

Comic Strips -
The Best In Animation


(Network Ireland) 5 mins
James Joyce's Ulysses in five minutes! 18

Ciderpunks (Joel Simons) 13 mins
Two young women become ciderpunks in attempt to find a place in society. 15

1300cc (Eoin Clarke) 11 mins
A Hells Angel and a little old lady are neighbours. This is their story. 15

The Drop (Joe Rush) 5 mins
Robotic animated ravers in space by the founder of The Mutoid Waste Company. U

Paddy (Cashell Horgan) 12 mins
An Irishman finds a winning Lottery ticket. 12


Angry Kid: Bone, Roadhog , and Headlights.
(Darren Walsh) 10 mins.
Three shorts from Aardmans' classic in-depth series looking into the lifestyle and opinions of today's youth. 12

Fiction In One Minute (Sheena Macrae) 1 min
Fast edit of Pulp Fiction. 15

Heck Of A Storm (Duggie Fields) 5 mins
Digital images, the spoken word and music. First digital work by famous London painter. 18

Transit (Piet Kroon and Michael Dudok De Witt) 10 mins
Murder mystery told backwards from the golden age of UK animation (late nineties). 18

Daze (Sarah Brown) 10 mins
A woman drives through a landscape which is haunted by a violent incident.15

Night School(Simon Green)15 mins
Separate narratives take place both above and below ground then plummet into a tide of cardboard waves and cotton wool clouds. 12

Natural Blues & Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Moby) 6 mins
Two rare music videos animated by Moby himself! U

Moo(n)(Leigh Hodgkinson) 3 mins
Relief for the common cold. 12


The Girl & The Horse
(Rebecca Manley)3 mins
A story about friendship and a young girl's search for contentment and true happiness. 12

Superhero Music
(Dotti Colvin &John Shearlock) 5 mins
Hogg Boss- An evil chief executive of a global conglomerate unleashes an army of hammer wielding skeletons and an ugly rock star with a guitar that sprouts lightening on an unsuspecting public.12

The Sex Police (Steven Cook) 7 mins
Based on the new sexual offences bill which criminalises sexual contact between under sixteens. This is the story of an innocent young couple who pay for their kissing crime. 12

A Life Of Death (Dawn Westlake) 10 mins
World leaders say they want world peace, but at what price? A Life Of Death poetically explores the irony of waging war to establish peace. 15

Alice's Care(Mai Yoshida)5 mins
War incorporated with the story of Alice In Wonderland.12

Moonwalking (Jutta Schunemann) 5 minutes
A little man and his dog on a journey through one night and one day. U

Harvey Krumpet (Adam Elliott) 10 mins
This year's Short Animation Oscar winner from British director Elliott. 15

Coming Through (Oliver Mallah) 10 mins
Set to the music of DJ Shadow. Stretches of Portobello Road. U


(Lizzie Oxby) 10 mins
Orman is having a futile conversation on his mobile phone. He is running back to the office but getting nowhere. If he could just get through to Mr Langley everything will be resolved but someone (or something) is intercepting the calls.... 15

The Milliner (Andrew Kavangh) 5 mins
A hatmaker finds out very quickly what happens to those who refuse to fit in. PG

The Last Roadtrip (Arno Coenen)15 mins
Autobiographical 3D animated road movie. 18

White Fade Symmetries (Stuart Pound)10 mins
Notorious video art pornomusic vid. 18

(Zombie Flesh Eaters) 25 mins
Animated music videos including: Clint Eastwood, Tomorrow Comes Today, 19-2000, Rock The House, Hey Our Toys, Free Tibet, Game Of Death, Jump The Gut, and Eel. 12


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