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Monday 6 December (6pm-11pm)
Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10

Political Debate


Back Home-Roots Of A New South Africa
(Marc Kobler) 60 mins
Three men who were forced to spend years and years on Robben Island, Tata Elias Mzamo, Vusumzi Mcongo, Tata Sindile Mngqibisa: imprisoned by the apartheid regime. After their release they are free to turn their backs on the island. But these three men return to Robben Island every day. 12


Killing Time
(Yas Taherdezah, Leila Reekie, and Jessica Rajua) 25 mins
The frightening truth about the South African Government's policy on AIDS anti-retroviral treatment. 12

Collective Punishment (Simon de Glanville) 35 mins
The film tells the story of a group of volunteers who travelled to the West Bank in November 2002 as part of the International Solidarity Movement. Their role as internationals was to protest the Israeli occupation, observe and curb human rights abuses, and to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians under occupation. 15


Little Country With A Sandal
(Giora Karib) 40 mins
Hanoch has been in Eritrea for two years, working for the United Nations as part of a team that rehabilitates people affected by war. He runs a project that educates about the dangers of landmines and unexploded bombs. Millions of such devices litter the Eritrean landscape after the war with her neighbour, Ethiopia. 12

We Are Winning Don't Forget (Jean-Gabriel Periot) 10 mins
How workers are still exploited and underpaid by bosses, and how the bosses turn nasty when the workers complain. 15

On The Buses (Zoe Young)10 mins
As the bombs fell on Baghdad, Londoners' dissent was silenced. Three coach loads of people on their way to an anti-war rally at Fairfeild Air base were stopped by the police, searched as potential terrorists, then forced back to London down the M4 closed for the purpose. The court case continues. See the coach passengers' perspective in this short film. 15


The Governator
(Alex Cooke)60 mins
In true Hollywood-style and after frenzied media speculation, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy for Governor of California on The Jay Leno Show on August 6, 2003. High profile celebrity with action-hero didn't get better than that for the Republican Party. The world was watching. But as Schwarzenegger hit the campaign trial were we just watching the cult of celebrity? Was it all style over content? Would fame and money win out? The Governator, a hilarious and insightful political satire tells the story of the most bizarre American election to date. 15


The Homies And The Popz - The Story Of The Compton Cricket Team
(Monica Magyardsy) 70 mins
The extraordinary story of coach Ted Hayes, a larger than life African-American homeless activist trying to teach his team, boys from Compton South Central LA and a lot of them gang members, how to become great in a sport which they never heard of before. As the story unfolds from a drab playing field in Compton to the manicured lawns of Windsor Castle and from Skid Row to Belfast Northern Ireland, it becomes more and more apparent just how important -and for some of the players almost life saving- cricket has become. 12


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