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Friday 3 December (6pm-11pm)
Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10

It's A London Thing


A Walk In The Dark
(Bruce Lucas)23 mins
Guardian Angels take many forms. This is the story of a girl who is utterly lost. The man she loved abandoned her at the most vulnerable time in her life. 15

Girl In Prison (Fernando Uson) 20 mins
Carmen begins to teach a course in prison. 12

Rendezvous (Darmien Chemin) 15 mins
Henry has got an appointment with Death. He's late. U


Comme Les Cochons
(Gerard McDonagh) 5 mins
Sitting in a dilapidated bathroom a confused and troubled young man considers his future while thinking of the past.15

Whew (Jeff Newton & Benjamin Bates)10 mins
A young girl finds hope and a way to escape her unbearable situation. 15

Sciare De Focu (Claudio Cingoli) 10 mins
Death, represented by a beautiful lady dressed in white, takes a trip into suffering and faces Jesus. 12

Christmas Dinner (John Shackleton) 10 mins
A grim Christmas fairytale about food, a baby, an 11 ft python and a pizza cutter. 15

And The Red Man Went Green (Ruth Meehan) 2 mins
An old woman negotiates the hectic streets of London fearful of being knocked over. At a pedestrian crossing her worst fears are realised as she collides with a rollerblader. 12

The Space Between (James Kibbey) 10 mins
Toby Mann last used the telephone one year ago today.
Now he's trying to make a new connection. Can he get over his hang ups? 12

Roulette (Richard Reay) 15 mins
Carl and Caleb are looking to make some money. This is Russian Roulette, the ultimate game of chance, in which the stakes are the highest of them all. Your life. 18


Night Swimmer
(Hannah Robinson) 25 mins
Now that they have moved from Malaysia to Scotland, Chinese couple Emily and Kenneth don't have sex any more. But Emily's experiences in the changing rooms of the local swimming pool are about to change everything. 15

Baby Boomer (Jake Barnes) 3 mins
A baby at an airport with an alarm clock around his neck. What can it mean? 12

Sanhedrin (Simon Brasse) 30 mins
A small Jewish community in Stoke Newington believe Hitler escaped Nazi Germany and is hiding amongst them. Lead by their rabbi it is not long before they get carried away in the pursuit of justice. 12


Nylon Jacket
(Marlon Marashuna)25 mins
A unique blend of Jean Luc Goddard and Dick Lester, Nylon is the tale of a girl, a gun and rather a lot of PVC. 15

The Best Policy (Robert Andre) 10 mins
They say that honesty is the best policy but when you've got two married couples, claims of infidelity, life insurance policies on the line, and a loaded gun, the final outcome will be explosive. The only thing you can trust is that only one person is telling the complete truth! 15

The Secret Of Year Six (Francois Gandolfi) 10 mins
Mike take Valerie back in time to tell her the story of a young boy Abdul and his out of control brother Ali. 15

Butterflies (Jake Proctor) 10 mins
Wesley leads a boring life working nights as a security guard to escape from his overpowering wife and her constant bullying. U


The Flight
(Fulvia Arrichiello) 10 mins
One man pushes a wheelchair along a country road. They get to the end over a precipice. It looks the start of a tragedy, but things are not always what they seem. U

Two of a Kind (Luis Carlos Soares)10 mins
A young couple in love face an unexpected abortion situation that might separate them forever. From Brazil. 15

Iffy (Paul Cons) 15 mins
Based on original research in West End homeless hostels, Iffy is a fictional portrait one man's life lived in the most impersonal of environments. Iffy is a born entertainer but he is also a 37 years old heroin/crack addict. Refused his methadone prescription he sets out to raise the money to fund his habit. 18

The Coup De Grace (Ian & Dominic Higgins)15 mins
In the aftermath of the first pitch battle of the war to end all wars, two men have been left to find their own way back to safety. 15

Beat (Tom Harper) 7 mins
A naive young beatnik poet pays a visit to his intemperate mentor with surprising and amusing results. 15

Perkele (Arto Tuohimaa) 20 mins
A finely tuned comedy about men. All three episodes place in the countryside of Finland. It's a place filled with snow and silent people trying to endure the winter. 15


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